Wednesday, June 24, 2009



Ella gets to go home today!


Please pray for Gaines; his oxygen was back up today. Here are some more specifics from his momma:

"Gaines' heart echo is still scheduled for tomorrow. They also did a chest x-ray on him today. Please pray that something positive will come out of these two things. If they don't show that things are getting better, I pray that they at least point to something that we can fix.
Please keep Gaines and our family in your prayers. Please pray that God will give us direction as we try and decide what is best for Gaines."

Lindsay had an MRI today; no update yet, keep praying!

Keep praying for Noah; pray that his eyes will heal, and for his parents.

Here is an update on Reggie I received yesterday:

"I just spoke with Reggie's mom today...he came home on Saturday and is starting rehab next week. He is functioning like a 12-14 year old, is very slow, but they are expecting a full recovery after lots of physical therapy and rehab. He is of course off the ventilator adn medically is a 100%, however he will go through minimum of a year rehab to be back to normal.

Good news, since he has been home his old friends have come to visit and he has told them, I am done with the party scene...I have turned my life over to to God be the Glory. I truly feel like this all happened for a reason and God was working hard behind the scenes on Reggie's behalf."

This is great news! Let's keep praying for a swift recovery.


This is Stephanie: she is pregnant with twins; one of the babies passed away at 10 weeks and 5 days. Both babies showed fluid, Cystic Hygroma, around the back of the head/neck/spine area. Because of this, the baby has a survival rate of only 25%. They still do not have a specific diagnosis yet. Let's add Stephanie and her little one to our prayers! (Stop by and leave some encouragement too!)

Kristy left this prayer request yesterday for a friend of hers, let's cover her!

"I have an urgent prayer request. A friend of my best friend needs a miracle today. She has been battling cancer for the last 2 years that started out as melanoma on her face. She has had countless treatments, experimental drugs, etc. Everything was looking very good until her most recent PET scan. She found out yesterday that she has large spots on her brain and on numerous other parts of her body. She is a young mother with two little boys, ages 3 and 5. She so desperately wants to live to see her oldest start kindergarten this fall and she desires her youngest to just be able to remember his mama. As a mother, I can't imagine her heartache. To think that I died so early in my child's life that he has little recollection of me is just unbearable. She was supposed to enter a new experimental treatment at the Mayo Clinic soon and now they won't take her because of the spots on her brain. So, basically, there is not much medically that can be done for her at this point.
I just feel so burdened for this young wife and mother. I don't want to tell her name on here in order to protect her privacy (all of her own family doesn't even know the extent of how bad she is as of right now). Can I just ask that all of us say special prayers for "Sarah" and her husband and sons?
Thanks so much!"

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