Monday, June 15, 2009

Lindsay Dean

Please lift up little Lindsay today! She took an unexpected turn for the worse and is now on ECMO (life support). Please pray for this precious little one, and her family.

Lord, we lift up little Lindsay to You. We know she is in Your hands. We pray for 100% healing in her little body....for her heart, her brain, and anything in her body that isn't working as You created it to. We pray for the doctors, for wisdom to know how best to help her. Please be with her momma and daddy, give them peace, wisdom, and comfort. Lead their hearts to worship, Father! Fill the hospital with Your presence, and let anyone who comes close to feel You. We trust You!


  1. Please be with little Lindsay and watch over her during her time of need. Come on Lindsay Dean, don't you give up baby girl, FIGHT!! We are all praying for you baby girl. Please let us know if there is an update. I am on pins and needles waiting to hear some news.

  2. I am so sad by the news... I have been praying since I saw her blog a few hours ago...

  3. Christy,
    I thought you were friends with Chris and Megan Daniel, but I wasn't sure. I wanted to ask prayer for their sweet baby girl, Ella, who is about 5 months old?, and is on her way to AR children's hospital. She had an abnormal EEG after weeks of seizures. The doctor said it was very worrisome, and is thinking infantile spasm which usually retards the child developmentally and is terminal in many cases. This is not her diagnosis yet, but let's pray for complete healing. Thanks. Here's their blog:


  4. Amanda,
    I don't know Chris and Megan but I am friends with Margo (Chris's sister.) Thanks for this!!


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