Sunday, August 30, 2009


Little Alayna went to be with Jesus yesterday. Please pray for her momma and daddy!

Brayden returns to the hospital tomorrow for his second round of chemo. Here are some requests for him:

"This week we're praying for safe travels to LR, an uneventful week with his treatments that flush quickly and no mouth sores! We're praying for Brayden's heart and spirit continue to be protected from the harm of leukemia and a cancer diagnosis. We're praying schoolwork becomes easier for him and his frustrations will be minimal as he works through new challenges."

Continue to pray for Bruce as they make plans for his second transplant.

Eden will be having surgery tomorrow, please pray for her.

Prayers for Kate:

"Please continue to pray that she tolerates the chemo well, with minimal side effects and that her body recovers quickly from it. Another thing to be in prayer over is her next MRI. This is extremely important!! It will probably be in 2 1/2- 3 weeks. If the MRI shows that the tumor has grown at all, we will be taken off the study and need to find another mode of treatment. (We are praying and believing that this will not be the case)! We will continue on with the study, the current mode of treatment, if the treatments have kept it from growing, or if it has shrunk. We are praying that it will have drastically shrunk, and pulled away from the major blood vessels it has wrapped itself around. Or obviously, that the tumor would be completely gone already! So please begin praying for this as the time will come quickly! Thank you!"

Please pray for Reagan to have some relief from her constant tummy pains.

I received this request as an anonymous comment; please include this little girl in your prayers:

"Please pray for my daughter Annabelle. She had her tonsils and adenoids removed on Tuesday and went home the same day. We got readmitted into the hospital today because she is major dehydrated and has and infection! Please pray that we won't be here long and that she will soon begin to eat and drink! Thank you a lot!"

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I was reading Emerson's blog, and my heart was really hurting for her momma. If you feel led, please give her some encouragement and love.

Prayers for Gaines:

"Please keep Gaines in your prayers. Pray that he is able to take a full day of bottles soon and for his lungs to continue healing. Pray that he tolerates 2 liters well and that soon he'll be able to wean down again soon."

Prayers for Jack H.:

"I ask for prayers for Jack's continued healing from his brain injury. He has come such a long way, but still has a way to go. I appreciate all the support and kindness you all have shown."

James started steroid treatments yesterday, please pray for him and he goes through these.

Prayers for Kate:

"We continue to ask you to pray for God's guidance in all of this. We ask for protection for Kate's little body from the harmful side effects of the chemo. We ask that even now the tumor would be shrinking, and especially away from the blood vessels that it is wrapped around. Pray for her continued rehabilitation, which is going great. Pray that she will never develop a secondary cancer because of these treatments. Pray for absolute and complete healing for Kate, head to toe. Pray that many will come to know Jesus because of Kate. And pray for endurance and hope for our whole family as the road is long and many times very scary."

Mikayla will be having another bone marrow aspirate test on Monday to see if her leukemia is in remission. Please pray for a good report!

Prayers for Rebekah:

"We would appreciate your prayers for Rebekah's growth and comfort and also for wisdom for us and for Rebekah's doctors as we try to find a feeding plan that works for Rebekah."

Prayers for Reagan:

"Please keep Reagan in your prayers, as we continue to adjust her medications (and probably add a new one) over the next couple weeks."

I was reading Jonah's blog, and his momma had a prayer request for a family that lost their little boy on Tuesday; he passed away in his sleep. I don't know them, but I read their blog and it is heartbreaking. Please pray for this family!

Update on the Turner Family:

"Trenton received the results of his second EEG last Wednesday. They returned normal so they have ruled out epilepsy. They have taken him off his anxiety medication about 2 weeks ago and he is now experiencing symptoms of withdrawal. We are so grateful for all your thoughts and prayers during this round of tests. They are suspecting that his episodes are medication related so they are trying to determine which medication to eliminate one at a time. One of the withdrawal symptoms he is experiencing is rapid heart rate. Please pray that these symptoms subside and he can get back to a sense of normalcy."


"Prayer request for Alayna--14 month old who is dying of leukemia that has metasticized to her brain with a rapid growing tumor. She is currently in hospice going through the dying process. This has been a horrific experience for the parents, and they need prayers for her comfort and for her pain and fear to be over. Please send out an urgent prayer request for this family."

Monday, August 24, 2009


There are no urgent needs today of the ones on our prayer lists. But as always, they still need our prayers! Here are some new requests:

This is little Eden. She was born at 24 weeks on August 13th....her twin sister Hannah is with Jesus. Please add her to your prayers!

Jen, Ella's momma, left this prayer request for Karina. She has also been diagnosed with mitochondrial disease (which is what little Ella had.)

Friday, August 21, 2009


I apologize for the lack of updates this week....thanks for checking in on these little ones and for praying. I have an unspoken prayer request that was sent to me via email, so please add that to your prayers today. Thank you!!

Please pray for the Pifer's; this IUI cycle was unsuccessful for them. If you feel led, go love on them and leave them some encouragement.

Keep Jenny in your prayers; she has developed phlebitis in her leg and is in a bit of pain. Please also pray for peace and continued health for her and little Ezekiel as her due date approaches.

Pray for Bruce and his wife.....he just received news that he needs to have another bone marrow transplant.

Pray for Gaines, that he will continue to tolerate his feedings well.

Little Jace needs some prayers, he isn't feeling well.

Jack H. starts back to school this week, please pray for a smooth transition for him and for strength and endurance.

Prayers for kate: today she is having a 5 hour test done on her kidneys; please pray for good kidney function!

Also, go here to order a "Pray For Kate" bracelet!

Maddie will be having a lot of tests run next week to see if she can have brain surgery to help with her seizures. Pray for wisdom for the doctors, and endurance for Maddie through all of the testing!

Please pray for Noah, and his parents. A doctor visit this week brought some not good news; please PRAY and go love on them.

Prayers for Rebekah:

"Please continue to keep Rebekah in your prayers in the next few weeks. The feeding tube is definitely on the table as an option again, and we are willing to pursue that option if it will be best for Rebekah. Please pray for wisdom for all of the doctors involved, for Drew and I as we care for Rebekah, and for Rebekah. Pray specifically for Rebekah that her tummy issues will be resolved and she will be able to grow as she needs to."

Charity has an infection around her vesicostomy sight; please pray for quick healing, and comfort for Charity.

Veiyah will be having a heart cath procedure next week to determine if she can have a heart surgery, or transplant. Keep this little one in your prayers!

Little Ethan has a new blog! I have removed this button from the list:

Go here for the new one, which is on the prayer list.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Angel Families: Monday

Continue to pray for Carissa and family. They are moving out of the church house, and this is especially hard for Carissa.

Pray and love on Brooke. She is feeling very down.

There will be a memorial service held at Arkansas Children's Hospital on Sept 13th @ 3:00 for the angel babies. Tyler will be mentioned at the memorial service. Please pray for his family as this will be a bitter sweet time for them.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


How YOU can help:

Go here to see how you can help little Christian, and also a little friend who is fighting the same battle.


Brayden will be admitted to the hospital Monday morning for more treatments; pray for endurance and patience!

Please pray for Bruce and his family; they received some discouraging news about his bone marrow biopsy.

Emerson is in the hospital again with more infections. Pray that they can pinpoint what is causing them.

Isaiah is also sick and back in the hospital.

Pray for Lindsay, she is also in the hospital with an infection.

Keep praying for Noah E. and his family.

Jonah is still having feeding issues, pray that he will get some relief and begin to eat better.

Pray for Reagan, for her seizures to ease up.


This is It's no monkey business. It is a ministry began by a family who lost their little micro-preemie baby boy, Declan. They distribute gift baskets and mom-to-mom advice as a way to support other families experiencing life in the neonatal intensive care unit. Please stop by, and don't forget to pray for their ministry!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Keep the Pifer's in your prayers in the next two weeks; Tiffany had her last IUI yesterday.

Elijah will be having eye surgery Friday morning. Please pray for this little man!

Keep praying for Gavin as he continues to fight infection.

Please go to Noah's blog and love on them. They need some encouragement!

Prayer requests for Rebekah:

"Please pray that in the next week Rebekah will gain close to half a pound and will continue to do well with her feeding. Also, I forgot to mention yesterday that we need to pray for her collaterals (the small arteries from her heart to her right lung) to continue to grow. That was the reason for postponing her surgery in the first place, so we really need those to be big enough to work with by the time she has her second surgery."

Please pray for Hope's momma.

Please pray for Noah E. and for his momma. He is a very sick little boy and is having a really tough time.

Continue prayers for Veiyah.

Father, my heart is heavy tonight for these little ones. Please hold them in your arms, comfort them, bless them, and bring healing in Jesus name!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Update on Angel families

EDIT from Christy: I just wanted to say "thanks" to Deena for keeping us updated on these special families. It is quite time consuming for me to check up on all the prayer requests we have on our list, and I really appreciate her covering these. Thanks, my friend!

I'm going to try my best to update everyone on the Angel families. I'm still not really good at the whole blogging thing and posting links so bear with me as I learn.

Say a special prayer for Avery's mommy. Also, pray for their housing situation.

Please pray for Jay, Jen, and Cayden. Ella's birthday is August 21st. They could use some special prayers right now.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Just a reminder to not forget our Angel families; they need lots of prayers too. Sometime I know I get caught up in checking on all of the sick ones, the unborn, and the ones trying to conceive, but I don't want to leave behind the ones who have lost.

Pray for Tiffany and her husband this week; pray for peace, and the ability to trust in God no matter what the outcome.

Prayer requests for Brayden:

"We're praying now that his counts are on the rise, they can get safely high enough to have some room before we start the next round of treatment. We're praying his picc line stays free from infection, since mom is doing dressing changes from home. We're praying God continues to protect his little sweet spirit from harm of the effects of this ugly diagnosis. We're praying his body stays strong and free from infection and the chemo continues to to work well with minimal impacts to him."

Tomorrow, they will be reducing Gaines' oxygen flow; please pray that his little lungs will tolerate it well.

Gavin will be going back to the hospital tomorrow; he has some sort of fungus, and they have to get his little body clean.

Continue prayers for Kate; she is struggling through some intense mood swings, from all the stress she is under.

Mikayla and her family received news that her leukemia has spread to her central nervouse system. Please go to their blog and leave some encouragement.

Visit Rebekah's blog to read a list of prayer requests for her.


This is Elijah; his momma left this request:

"Elijah is my 24 week micropreemie miracle. Pray for Elijah, he is 16 months old and still not able to sit up, though he works very hard at home and in therapy. Pray for myself and my husband and the situation we are going through that God will work it all out the way he wants it. Pray for my three year old who will be assessed for Aspergers Syndrome soon."

Let's add this family to our prayers!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Want a new look for your blog? Carla (Gavin's mom) has been doing blog makeovers for a donation that goes to help with their medical expenses. Gavin has to take a lot of meds, every day, so this is a great way to help out a sweet little boy, and get an amazing makeover! She just finished my personal blog, she also designed Gabe's. Here are some links to a few others: here and here. She does a fantastic job!

Visit Stephanie's blog for an opportunity to help them raise money at the Down's Syndrome Association "Buddy Walk".

You can also go to James' blog and donate to "Team Ryan"!

In honor of Maryn: Maryn's Hope Foundation

Pray for Ellie; she is still having a lot of feeding and reflux issues. She is not able to keep much food down. Please pray for her!

Grant is having heart surgery today (the Glenn); I just checked and it is not complete yet. Please pray for safety for little Grant!

Kate needs prayers, she is in a lot of pain.

Today, Mikayla is having a Bone Marrow Aspirate test to see if Leukemia is still present in her bone marrow. Please pray for good results!

Hope is having reflux issues, please pray for her.

Jaxson isn't doing well, remember him.

Continue to remember Veiyah; there is now an update on her blog.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Prayers for Gaines:

"Please keep his doctors and nurses in your prayers. I pray for patience and wisdom for everyone involved...doctors, nurses and me. Please continue to pray for Gaines. Pray for his lungs to heal and for him to get better at taking his bottles."

Please pray for Gavin, and stop by and leave some encouragement.

Prayers for James:

"James takes his final dose of steroids tonight (Sunday) of this month. Please pray that they would exit his system quickly and he would begin to feel more himself."

Please pray for John's family; he went to be with Jesus on Sunday night.

Noah E. and family need prayers. There is a lot of stuff going on for them right now, and Noah is still a sick little boy. Please pray for them!

Ava is sick with high fevers, please pray for quick healing.

Pray for Jonah, he's having a bit of a rough time right now.

Please continue to remember Reagan as she battles so many seizures.

Veiyah is also pretty blog posts, I've just been trying to follow her twitter updates. The last few did not sound good. Pray for this little girl!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Prayers for Brayden:

"We're praying Brayden keeps up the course he's been on with staying healthy and free from infection with no fever. We're praying he stays in good spirits and that resiliency stays strong. We're praying his counts do recover and can get as high as they can as fast as they can before the next round of chemo. That way maybe they won't have as far to drop next time."

Grant will be having his heart surgery next week, let's begin praying for him now.

Please pray for John and his family, as he is nearing his final days in his cancer battle.

Noah E. is being admitted to the hospital again. Please pray for this little boy!

I feel bad, I've neglected to check baby Makenna's blog for a while because she has not had any updates, and I checked it tonight. She has been having issues and has been in the hospital. She actually went home today, on oxygen. Please pray for her, that these issues will get resolved!!!

Pray for little Veiyah, she had to go in to the hospital last night and is having issues with her heart.