Saturday, August 15, 2009


How YOU can help:

Go here to see how you can help little Christian, and also a little friend who is fighting the same battle.


Brayden will be admitted to the hospital Monday morning for more treatments; pray for endurance and patience!

Please pray for Bruce and his family; they received some discouraging news about his bone marrow biopsy.

Emerson is in the hospital again with more infections. Pray that they can pinpoint what is causing them.

Isaiah is also sick and back in the hospital.

Pray for Lindsay, she is also in the hospital with an infection.

Keep praying for Noah E. and his family.

Jonah is still having feeding issues, pray that he will get some relief and begin to eat better.

Pray for Reagan, for her seizures to ease up.


This is It's no monkey business. It is a ministry began by a family who lost their little micro-preemie baby boy, Declan. They distribute gift baskets and mom-to-mom advice as a way to support other families experiencing life in the neonatal intensive care unit. Please stop by, and don't forget to pray for their ministry!

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  1. its Jen~ ^Ella's^ mommy again..there is another family that I would like to add, Her name is Karina and she is in the hospital again.. they also have the same sort of disease as Ella.. thanks :)



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