Friday, March 25, 2011


Please pray for the Austin family as their sweet little baby Noah was born and passed only 19hrs later.Saying Hello and good bye at the same time, must be one of the hardest things a parent could do..

Emerson is also in need of prayer, what a little fighter they have!

Kate is getting radiation treatment, and is in need of prayer.

Morgan is undergoing new experimental treatment in California at the moment, Her mom Dasa is also 7 months pregnant, I know they certainly appreciate being lifted up in prayer. (this is a fb link, but open to anyone to view)

And my computer is freezing once again. I really am trying to keep up with the needs of those on the list and certainly appreciate any comment/emails being sent to me.. seems the 'web surfing' and page to page is too much for my old computer this week.. SO if you know of any urgent prayer requests, leave them here or email and I will post ASAP. I will try to get on the laptop tonight and get more through the lists..

A few added, thank you to those who brought these to my attention <3
22-month-old Nathan Phillips was put on Hospice yesterday and doctors say it's a matter of hours or days. He's been a fighter his whole life and has a precious precious precious family, including twin brother, Jacen.

This is Carla, she will be 4 on April 2, 2011, has HLHS and is currently on a vent and awaiting a new heart. Please pray for this little girl as well as her family.

Please add Ashley Kate to your prayer lists. She is in the hospital with an infection and her liver is not functioning as well as it should. pray for her liver to fight the infection and for her to go home soon.. no 5 year old enjoys sitting in a hospital..