Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Update on Mindy and Cash

It has been a while since I have updated on Mindy and Cash. Mindy is still very sick with her pregnancy. She has a picc line, and she has been in and out of the ER. Please continue to pray for a healthy pregnancy, and for her to have a healthy baby girl. She is due October 1st but her doctor is already talking about taking the baby early.

Cash is the baby who had to have surgery on his skull, because his soft spots were fusing together. He had the surgery and has made a full recovery!

Thanks for praying and continue to lift Mindy up.

New requests

This request is from Stacie:

"Please pray for my family friend whose son was born still at 40 weeks due to an umbilical cord entanglement. Please pray that his parents are given strength to get through his service today as they bury their baby in his final resting place today. His parents had tried over seven years to have a baby and Hunter went to be with the lord on June 26th. Please provide them strength to heal through this horrible tragedy. Mom feels as if she did something wrong and is questioning her faith as to why this happened to her perfect baby boy."

My heart is so heavy for this family. Please cover them in prayer all day today, and in the days to come.

This request is from Mychal:

"I would like to become a part of your prayer blog. My husband (Trenton) is scheduled for an EEG & MRI on July 7th. He has been having seizures fairly often lately for unknown reasons. We met with a neurologist last Friday and he recommended the EEG & MRI. They have no ruled out Epilepsy but it's a 50/50 chance that he has it. He has no other family members with this disease and I am constantly researching medications & how to cope with it. We have a 3 year old daughter and a son that is due in 9 weeks. If you will please post this and get prayers started! We are hoping for a good diagnosis. Our family could use prayers for good results from these tests and for a safe and healthy delivery of our little boy in 9 weeks."

We will be praying for your family, Mychal!

This is an update my Aunt posted on Facebook last night about Cole:

"Just got home from 16 hours spent at the hospital. THANKS to everyone for your prayers. My grandson was born this morning about 3 weeks early by way of c-section. He really was struggling to breathe and was admitted to NICU. After being on oxygen and receiving the meds he needed and constant monitoring, they were able to remove the CPAP machine at around 5 pm. He has done great since then. They are keeping him in NICU overnight and if he continues as he has, will go to the regular nursery tomorrow (Tuesday). Jessica (Cole's momma) is doing fantastic. She feels great and was even up walking around this evening and was able to visit in the waiting room for a while. Praise God for his grace and we thank all of you for lifting Cole up to Him today."

I would also like to say thanks for praying for my family! I went to the hospital yesterday afternoon, and as of 4:00 pm Jessica still had not been able to hold him. But everyone was in good spirits. Thanks again!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday and update on Cole


Camryn gets to come home today!



My mom called me around noon today and all they know right now is that he is on CPAP and is not able to breathe on his own. This is all we know, please keep praying for my little cousin. (See post below this). THANK YOU!!!!

Please pray for Tiffany; she has had some urgent health issues come up that past few days. Check her blog for details, and let's pray for quick healing!

Noah E. is still in the hospital. They discovered that he has a pretty serious infection. Specific prayer requests from his blog are: "that we would be able to clear this infection, that things would be done in an expedient and orderly fashion, and that Noah will feel better."

Rebekah is on her way!!! Please pray for a safe and speedy delivery, and for health for Rebekah and momma!

Please pray for little Jonah; his momma is requesting prayer. He had to have some blood drawn, and she is worried that all of the contact on his skin will cause some bad blistering. Pray for his little skin to be protected, and go leave some encourgement for her.

Pray for Reagan as her body adjusts to this new medication.

Ethan has a doctor visit today; please pray that his counts look good.

Update from Kristy on her friend:

"I just wanted to update you. Sweet Farrah (aka "Sarah") is in heaven with Jesus this morning. Please pray for her parents, husband, 2 sweet babies, and the rest of her family and friends. She was so important to so many people and will be sorely missed. However, she is now healthy and whole and dancing in heaven.
Thank you for your prayers."

Here is a new website address for Joshau; during his tests this week, his momma will be updating this page. Let's keep him in our prayers!


This is Cathy:

"Please pray for me. I am 22 weeks pregnant with my 5th baby and am already having preeclampsia (very high blood pressure that isn't responding to medicines). I've also been having blood in my urine for almost a month now. Ultrasound & bladder scope have ruled out infection and I will be tested next for low grade bladder cancer. I was admitted to the labor & delivery this past week for pre-term contractions and sent home on stricter bedrest which seems impossible since we have 4 little girls to care for at home already.

My mind always seems to imagine the worst - and I'm sure the resulting stress isn't helping my blood pressure.

I would LOVE any prayers anyone can spare - and would also ask that people pray for my older two girls (11 & 9) that they understand why I can't do as much as I had previously. My younger two are 2 1/2 and 9 months.

Also - this one... IS A BOY!!!!


Let's add Cathy to our prayers, and intercede for a healthy pregnancy, and a healthy baby boy!!

Please pray for Cole

I would like to ask prayer for a personal request. My first cousin's son was born this morning, and he is in the NICU. He was born 3 weeks early and they are concerned about his lungs. That is all I know, I just talked to my mom and that is all the info she has at this point. Please pray for baby Cole, and for my cousin and his wife. My cousin is like a brother to me. Thank you!!!

(I will update on other requests later today.)

Sunday, June 28, 2009



Pray for Brayden; he starts chemo treatments this week.

James also starts steroid treatments this week; pray for him as well!

Pray for Joshua this week as he will be having four full days of tests run.

Little Pablo passed away yesterday afternoon, after a long fight and being such a brave boy. Please pray for his family.

Here is an update on the young mother that Kristy requested prayer for a few days ago:

"I wanted to update you on my friend and sister in Christ; Hospice was called in for her yesterday (Friday). I fear she is nearing the end of her long-fought and very courageous battle with cancer. Please call on everyone you know to lift her, her husband, and their 2 sweet babies up in prayer. It is amazing that last week she felt she was getting stronger every day, and then she got the news that it had spread everywhere and just 8 short days later, here she is with Hospice. She is in a terrific amount of pain and I think that now it is just a matter of a short time.
Thank you for praying."

New ways to help:
Mama Monkmee

Friday, June 26, 2009


Stephanie has a doctor appointment today; Lord give her peace and strength!

Pray for Brinley as she deals with the side effects of steroid treatments.

Gaines is having a heart echo today; please pray for good results!

Noah E. is back in hospital; please pray!

Please pray for Pablo; he has gone home for the last time and they have called in hospice care. Stop by and leave some encouragement. And PRAY!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009



Ella gets to go home today!


Please pray for Gaines; his oxygen was back up today. Here are some more specifics from his momma:

"Gaines' heart echo is still scheduled for tomorrow. They also did a chest x-ray on him today. Please pray that something positive will come out of these two things. If they don't show that things are getting better, I pray that they at least point to something that we can fix.
Please keep Gaines and our family in your prayers. Please pray that God will give us direction as we try and decide what is best for Gaines."

Lindsay had an MRI today; no update yet, keep praying!

Keep praying for Noah; pray that his eyes will heal, and for his parents.

Here is an update on Reggie I received yesterday:

"I just spoke with Reggie's mom today...he came home on Saturday and is starting rehab next week. He is functioning like a 12-14 year old, is very slow, but they are expecting a full recovery after lots of physical therapy and rehab. He is of course off the ventilator adn medically is a 100%, however he will go through minimum of a year rehab to be back to normal.

Good news, since he has been home his old friends have come to visit and he has told them, I am done with the party scene...I have turned my life over to God....so to God be the Glory. I truly feel like this all happened for a reason and God was working hard behind the scenes on Reggie's behalf."

This is great news! Let's keep praying for a swift recovery.


This is Stephanie: she is pregnant with twins; one of the babies passed away at 10 weeks and 5 days. Both babies showed fluid, Cystic Hygroma, around the back of the head/neck/spine area. Because of this, the baby has a survival rate of only 25%. They still do not have a specific diagnosis yet. Let's add Stephanie and her little one to our prayers! (Stop by and leave some encouragement too!)

Kristy left this prayer request yesterday for a friend of hers, let's cover her!

"I have an urgent prayer request. A friend of my best friend needs a miracle today. She has been battling cancer for the last 2 years that started out as melanoma on her face. She has had countless treatments, experimental drugs, etc. Everything was looking very good until her most recent PET scan. She found out yesterday that she has large spots on her brain and on numerous other parts of her body. She is a young mother with two little boys, ages 3 and 5. She so desperately wants to live to see her oldest start kindergarten this fall and she desires her youngest to just be able to remember his mama. As a mother, I can't imagine her heartache. To think that I died so early in my child's life that he has little recollection of me is just unbearable. She was supposed to enter a new experimental treatment at the Mayo Clinic soon and now they won't take her because of the spots on her brain. So, basically, there is not much medically that can be done for her at this point.
I just feel so burdened for this young wife and mother. I don't want to tell her name on here in order to protect her privacy (all of her own family doesn't even know the extent of how bad she is as of right now). Can I just ask that all of us say special prayers for "Sarah" and her husband and sons?
Thanks so much!"

Tuesday, June 23, 2009



This is Waverly & Oliver; they both suffer from a disease called "Sanfilippo Syndrome". (There is a description of this disease on the right hand column of the blog). As I read through this family's blog, my heart was aching and broken for them. To watch BOTH of your children go through this is unthinkable. Please let's add them to our prayers!


Little Bug's momma has requested prayer for her little one; here are some specifics I copied from her post:

1. Pray for Little Bug’s immature nervous system. Pray for complete healing and maturity as each day goes by.

2. Pray for Dave and me as we seek to do what is best for Little Bug.

3. Pray for wisdom in knowing what Little Bug needs when.

Elise's momma is asking prayer for Elise's reflux issues, and for the both of them as she is attempting to try breastfeeding this week. Let's pray for success, and health!

Gaines had a heart echo done yesterday (Monday). No update yet; pray that it went well and for signs of the VSDs closing!

Pray for Gavin O.; that his PICC line will hold up and he will be able to go HOME!

Prayer needs for Lindsay: "pray for her belly to tolerate her feeds and for her to stay comfortable and heal."

Pray for Camryn as she begins her fifth week in the hospital, that her white count continues to come up.

Bentley has an infection on her incision; pray that it heals quickly and doesn't develop into something more serious.

Pray for Reagan; she is having a super tough time. She needs some relief, and so does her momma.


From Rebekah's mom:

"And on a good note, we have a huge praise! Rebekah has turned around and is now in the head-down position!!! Thank you all for your prayers.....we are very grateful not to be facing a c-section right now, even though it may come to that later."

Monday, June 22, 2009


So sorry for the delay in any updates over the weekend...I hope you all had a blessed one!

jaxson's fight

Alyson requested prayer for little Jaxson, and also her son Avery. Let's add them to our prayers!!

Friday, June 19, 2009


Gavin go a new PICC line, and his momma requested prayer that it does not get infected!

Jack is in the hospital again with another pleural effusion. Let's pray for quick healing!

Prayer requests as Rebekah's delivery day approaches: "for all of the doctors involved in making decisions about Rebekah's delivery and care. Pray that Rebekah will arrive in the Lord's timing and that her lungs will be fully developed when she does arrive. AMEN!!!

Please pray for Evan as he is dealing with a central line infection.

Stellan is in the hospital with more SVT. Please pray!

Continue to pray for Reagan as the doctors try to figure out the best way to help her. Pray for wisdom!

Pray for Veiyah; she had g-tube placement surgery this week.

How YOU can help:

I hope everyone has a blessed weekend!
Click here to visit Zoey's fundraising page.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


This is a brand new support ministry for bereaved mothers that Kelly @ Sufficient Grace started. Just wanted to share for anyone who might be interested in joining this special journey.

How YOU can help:

Go check the Pifer's blog for a super fun giveaway!

This request is from Amy:

"I've started a blog in attempts to help my friend Natalie who lost a baby full term due to a cord accident who is now pregnant again, to raise money so she can see a specialist doctor that specializes in cord accidents and does a monitoring service to prevent it from happening again. I was hoping you would consider posting about it and putting our button on your site...in attempts to get the word out."

Thank you, Amy! Blessings on your ministry.


Pray that the medication Maddie is on is helping her seizures! She seems to be having less.....

Please pray for Jonah; that he will have an easier time eating, and that the skin on his hands will toughen up as they leave them unwrapped.

Monday, June 15, 2009



There is an update on little Lindsay; good news, but she still needs lots of prayer! Go check her blog for details, and to leave an encouraging word!!

Erica is asking prayer, she is having some discomfort from sickness and a bad cough...pray for her to get well, and for baby Sam to keep on growing!

Hope had a doctor visit today; no update, let's pray that everything went well.

Pray for Avery; she had a procedure done on her chest today, pray that she has no complications from it.

Keep praying for Camryn as she goes through another week of treatments.

Ava has been sick, let's pray for healing for her!


This is Ella; she is a niece of a friend of mine. She just recently began having seizures, and had an abnormal EEG. She is now in the hospital, and tonight they are doing another EEG. The doctor said, of the first EEG, that it looked "abnormal and worrisome". Please keep this little girl and her family in your prayers.

Lindsay Dean

Please lift up little Lindsay today! She took an unexpected turn for the worse and is now on ECMO (life support). Please pray for this precious little one, and her family.

Lord, we lift up little Lindsay to You. We know she is in Your hands. We pray for 100% healing in her little body....for her heart, her brain, and anything in her body that isn't working as You created it to. We pray for the doctors, for wisdom to know how best to help her. Please be with her momma and daddy, give them peace, wisdom, and comfort. Lead their hearts to worship, Father! Fill the hospital with Your presence, and let anyone who comes close to feel You. We trust You!

Sunday, June 14, 2009



Reagan's mom requested prayer today for their family:

"We would love to be included in your prayers during our trip to Detroit this week. We would love to finally get some answers as to why Reagan has been plagued with uncontrollable seizures...and maybe, just maybe, this will help us to find something to finally stop them once and for all."

Let's cover them this week!

She also requested we pray for this little man; let's add him to our prayers!


Original post: Some prayer requests from JJ (baby Orner's) mom, Erica:

For the brain fluid to decrease and not continue to increase; for the little legs to have life brought back into them; for the stuff going on in the stomach to disappear; for that if we do choose to do amnio that it comes back fine.

Stop by and leave her some encouragement.


Baby KJ is going home TODAY! They have a different link to their new family blog which I have changed; keep checking back for an update from home!


This request was posted as a comment:

"Please pray for Whitney Haddad, a 20 year old mother. She is a mother of two young children ages 2 and and 3 month old baby. She found a lump on her breast a very large one. The doctors are sending her in for testing to rule out breast cancer. Please pray for the tests to come negative and for strength for her husband and her children to get through this the best way they can. Thank you."

Bianca requested prayer for her daughter Linden:

"Hi, my daughter Linden is undergoing a mitral valve repair on July 20th. She is only 9 months old and this will be her secod surgery. She had AV canal repair in November. Could you please add her to your prayer requests?"

Thank you for these new requests, and thanks to all of you for praying! I hope you have had a blessed Sunday.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday evening

Brinley is still having fevers; pray that she is healed quickly!

Emerson has a pretty bad infection. Pray for quick healing for her as well!

Please continue to pray for Hope, and for her momma, as they wait for her dermatology appointment.

Isaiah has been in the hospital this week; pray for him.

Will post more tomorrow, I have some new prayer requests to add.....

Thursday, June 11, 2009

New requests

I apologize to those who left these requests, for the delay in getting them posted. I've been dealing with a sick baby this week and haven't had much computer time. Know that I have been praying for them in the meantime!

This is Samson. His mother requested prayer for him; he is being tested to rule out stenosis and Hirschsprung's disease. Pray tomorrow as he has more tests run!

This next one was left yesterday, and then an update today. No website for now, so here is the info:
"Please pray for Mandy. She is a 34 year old woman diagnosed with lupus several years ago. She is a mom to two beautiful baby boys, but just called me in tears. It appears she has had a stroke. She is scared and facing a long road ahead with physical therapy. I'll try to get a website up. But thank you!"
Here is the update from today:
"As of this morning, Mandy is in St. Francis hospital in Tulsa. The paralysis continued to spread until her entire face was immobile. The doctors are NOT certain she has had a stroke and are looking at every possibility. I have to believe that the prayers on her behalf yesterday lead her to a doctor that finally took her seriously!! Please keep praying for her. We are waiting for the results of an MRI and I will let you know when I do. This morning she can talk, but very slowly and deliberately and is “losing” words. She’ll try to say don’t but says not, or work instead of working and does not know that she is doing this. She is tired, but relieved to be somewhere with doctors working on her behalf."
Let's cover Mandy!!!!!

This is Paul Cardell; he has congestive heart failure and is awaiting a heart transplant; he has a little daughter. He also just lost his brother a few days ago. Please lets remember him and his family!

Again, thank you for your patience in getting these posted! Let's pray.....



Emerson is sick with another infection; please pray for quick recovery!

Reagan needs prayers!! Go leave some encouragement for her momma.

I will post later with some new prayer requests....

PS:Today is Lindsay's first birthday! Stop by and share some birthday wishes.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More prayers, and more thoughts


Pray for Evan as he is recovering from some complications and was very sick. Also, check out this post by his momma for a fun way to show your support for little Evan!

This isn't exactly a prayer request, but look at Gaines blog; they have some new up close pictures of him, and he is SO precious!!!

Keep praying for Noah E. as he battles the infection in his chest.

Prayer request for Rebekah; pray that she will turn around so they will not require a c-section during delivery.

Charity needs prayers for her heart rate to slow down, and for some stomach issues.

Pray for Jonah tonight, his momma is leaving his hands unwrapped; pray that they don't blister very bad, and they will quickly become accustomed to having no wraps. Pray for peace for his momma, too!

Finally, I have a request for Sharee Moore; (if you recall she has guest written some posts for Safe Haven in the past). She is expecting and VERY close to her due date. I won't get into too much detail, but this her 5th pregnancy; one living child and three in heaven. We need to keep her covered in the next few days. Here are the specific prayer requests she emailed to me:

"Prayer request:

That baby goes full term ... I'm having lots of contractions every night and have been hospitalized twice over the weekend. I'll be 33 weeks on Weds. I've had children in the NICU two times too many. Emotionally, I don't know how I can walk into that situation again.

Second, I have major concerns about childcare when/if I deliver suddenly. Our 2 y.o. son has never been away from us, so it could be quite traumatic for the little guy. I have to have a c-section and we are far from family. Please pray that he will adapt to the unpredictability and he'll even have fun and make some new buddies!"

Thanks for praying for this dear friend of mine!


Baby Orner is a....boy! Meet JJ! His momma, Erica, had a much more positive doctor visit; read her blog for more details, and KEEP PRAYING!

To end on, in light of all that has been going on in our blogging world, I wanted to share a comment from a Safe Haven prayer warrior:

"In trying to find something good in all of this and it's not easy when you feel like you've been mislead and just feeling confused as to why someone would do this to so many people. Despite the fact that this was a scam, it brought together hundreds if not thousands of people to do what? Pray. Prayer is talking to God and what does God want from us more than anything?? For us to talk to him and that's what we did."

I couldn't agree more.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Prayers and personal thoughts


Baby Hope is doing well! She has not had any new blisters appear since those first few, and the others are healing up. Prayers were requested for bandage changing time on one of her feet, it's pretty painful for little Hope. Keep those prayers coming for her!

Please pray for Noah E.; he is back in the hospital tonight with a central line infection. With his new diagnosis he received, this could be a serious issue. Let's cover them!

Please pray for little Pablo; he is having a pretty rough time.

Avery is having surgery this afternoon to close up her belly; no updates yet. Pray for her!

Stellan has been having more SVT and now some high blood pressure. Remember him in your prayers.

Personal thoughts:

I've struggled with something this afternoon and have prayed about what to post.

We've all been following April Rose and her momma "B". I too, watched her blog yesterday for new updates of the birth, I cried, and I interceded.

I was shocked when the blog was taken down, and kept checking back today for more updates. I even sent an email asking if they would like me to post prayer requests or updates, and never heard anything back.

Then I discovered a few blogs saying the whole thing was a hoax; a scam. I was dumbfounded and did a LOT of research, and a lot of reading.

I am not one to judge anyone, I can only arrive at an opinion based on the evidence laid out before me, and what I feel like the Holy Spirit is speaking to me. And that is up to each one of us to do, for ourselves.

Regardless of whether this story is a hoax, or it is real, this woman "B" still needs our prayers. If she is a new hurting momma, dealing with all of this mess and spending time with her sick baby, or if she is a lonely girl who made it up for attention, she needs our prayers. So I leave it at that. Pray for her, and everyone who has become in involved. That's what we are here for: to pray.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pray for April Rose!!

Little April Rose was born today....right now her heart rate is going down, please pray. A friend of B's is keeping very current updates on the blog, check in and keep praying!

Saturday, June 6, 2009



"Little Bug's momma requested prayer for her therapy for muscle tightness....pray that it improves quickly!

Jenny had a great report at the doctor! All the bleeding has healed up. Specific prayer requests: safe delivery, and for protection when the doctor performs an amniocentesis.

Pray for Brinley, she is still having lots of issues.

Please pray for Baby KJ and his momma and daddy; they received news yesterday that KJ has extensive encephalomalacia (soft or dying brain tissue). His odds are close to 100% for having either cerebal palsy, mental retardation, or both. Please pray for wisdom and peace.

Remember Noah E. and his family as they are facing a new diagnosis, with new problems to face. Pray for wisdom and understanding.

Camryn is having some side effects of the chemo, and is feeling not so good. Please pray for her, for encouragement and strength.

April's momma, "B", might be going in to labor; no update yet, keep her in your prayers!

Bentley is still fighting a cough and cold, plase pray that she heals quickly.

How YOU can help:


I'm sure you all already have hear about baby Hope;, but I wanted to add her to the prayer list. Please remember her!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Contemplations for an Intercessor

A post from the Preserving a Generation blog:

WHAT IF.....

What if when you were overlooked you remembered that He passed through the crowds unnoticed?

What if when you were misunderstood you clung to the reality that He is so little known, even by some of the very ones He died for. So you laid down your life for the very ones that misunderstood you.

What if when the one you were trying to please was never satisfied you began doing all things as unto the Lord, knowing your reward is from Him. And you refused to believe that you were worthless, knowing that He bought you with royal blood before you ever did anything.

What if when you felt so lonely that the ache came from somewhere deep, deep within your soul, you told Him, "I still choose you, I will not compromise…You are all I want, you are all I need."

What if when you were told 'you aren't good enough, smart enough, talented enough, or attractive enough', you boldly said, "Lord it's okay, I know YOU love me and You want me. Therefore I WILL press on."

What if when the thing that you gave your heart to, your life to, didn't work out like you thought - you said, "Lord, I embrace this flame, burn away the chaff in my heart, I trust You. Your leadership is perfect."

What if when you are not appreciated, not wanted, not loved, you look Him straight in the eyes and cry to Him with all of your heart. You lift up a cry so loud that it pierces the heavens. And while you’re looking straight into those fiery eyes crying out from the deep places of your heart to the deep places of His, you tell Him, "I love all of Your ways! You are just and true. Do with me as You will. I am in love with You! Though You slay me I will praise You. Test me, try me, squeeze every drop of love that this frail heart of mine has in it for You. My love is yours. Come and take it....however You desire to!!!"

And what if these cries reach only the ears of the meekest, most beautiful Man who ever walked the face of earth. You cry out to no one else. You make no earthly, human defense, no argument. No one else hears your complaint. You reserve your sorrow, your agony, your pain for the only One who truly understands…

And what if after this, He is silent......do you still love? Do you still trust? Do you still wait? Yes, you do. Where else can you go? For you know He alone has the words of life.

And what if when it's all said and done you posses the kind of tears that move heaven.
The kind of tears that move the heart of God, as the bottle that holds them overflows, streaming down onto His hand, his mighty right hand. Then, He reaches down from heaven, with the strength of His right arm! That mighty right arm, Oh beautiful Jesus. He cannot resist your cries very long. He does not. He will not. For He sees, He will not be silent, and He will rouse Himself for your vindication (Psalm 35:22-23).


Now you are ready to weep for others. You are ready to lift up your voice for others who have no idea who to cry to. Others who may have no voice. Those who don't know that all of His ways are just and true. Those who don't know about His tear bottle, and His mighty right arm. NOW YOU ARE READY TO MOVE HEAVEN AND EARTH, FOR NOW YOU KNOW THE SECRET OF HOW TO MOVE HIS HEART.


As the director of the Little Rock, Arkansas chapter of Exodus Cry, Enid's primary burden in intercession is the staggering 30+ million women and children victims of modern day slavery. Married to her husband, Corey, for 17 years, Enid is a homeschooling mother of six beautiful children. Together, she and her husband pastor a local church and lead a House of Prayer, both in Little Rock.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


EDIT: I received two comments today about this little girl and wanted to get the request up ASAP: this is Lindsay; she was born June 11, 2008 with HLHS (Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome). She has been through 5 open heart surgeries and was listed on the heart transplant list in November of 2008. They received a call today, they have a heart for her! Please pray for this little girl as she goes through a huge surgery today, and pray for her family.


"Little Bug" is HOME with her new mommy and daddy!

Check Noah's blog for an AMAZING report on his eyes!

Little Zoey is home!


Pray for Brayden as he goes through Phase 2 of his chemo; pray for strength, and no secondary infections.

Lydia is having ear surgery today, please pray that all goes well. They also requested prayer for two families that lost children this week; lets pray for them.

Please pray for Reagan's stomach issues; that they will clear up and she can get some relief!

Ethan's mom is requesting prayers for his upcoming appointment on Monday, June 8th. They will be checking his blood to see if he is still cancer free.

Also, continue to remember Dakota and her family. Read the post below for more details on her situation.


This is Gabi; she was born at 23 weeks gestation and is still in the hospital. She is doing well, but still needs prayers to get her home!

And this is Evan. Here is a little tag from his momma: "We have a little boy who was a 24 weeker. His name is Evan Vincent and he has short bowel syndrome. His reconnection surgery was yesterday (Tuesday) and he is now in the PICU for a few days. He came from the NICU and was there for 4 months." Please add Evan to your prayers as well!!!


I changed the link for Baby Laith to his Facebook page. It has much more current updates, videos, and pictures on it.

I also changed the link for Robbie to his Facebook group. There is a new update posted today!

Don't forget to pray for our Angel Families. Let's not forget they need healing too, just a different kind. Thank you so much for your prayers!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pray for Dakota & Family

In the last post, we asked for help in contacting Dakota's family because their blog had been set to private. We didn't know if it was okay to continue to post updates for prayer or not.

Thanks to a couple of readers, we now understand that this precious little girl (and family) needs much more prayer than previously thought. They need healing and restoration that only God can bring.

We have been praying for Dakota, a three year old little girl who has major digestive issues with repeated infections of unknown origins. This little girl has been in and out of the hospital and we have prayed for the source of her illness to be found and for her to be better! The good news is, the source has been found and she will be on the road to better health soon. The bad news is, authorities are investigating Dakota's mother concerning child abuse.

While this news is tragic and devestating, I firmly believe that it is because of our prayers (the whole Safe Haven community), this abuse has come to light.

In 2007, alone, there were 794,000 children in the United States that suffered some form of abuse.

To know that a child has suffered in sickness at the hand of another person is heart breaking. Unfortunately, child abuse and neglect take on many forms. Even though the majority of these children are nameless and faceless to us, they need our prayer every bit as much as the others listed on this blog. We need to pray for the victims, and we need to pray for the perpetrators. While NOT excusing the abuse, abusers are very confused people. Pray for them to have revelation and wisdom of the knowledge of God, that the eyes of their understanding would be opened, that they would repent and come to know the Lord as their Savior.

Please pray for Dakota! Please pray for her health, for her care and stability, for her to be placed in a safe and loving environment far from further harm! Please pray for her mother. Pray for restoration and healing.

This world is not a perfect place, and will never be until Jesus returns and brings His perfect justice to the earth.

While we wait for God to right every wrong, our job is to pray.

And that job, dear readers, you do very well.


HELP: I went to check Dakota's blog today for an update, and it has been set to private. Someone posted an anonymous comment requesting prayer for them, so I don't know who you are. Whoever you are, would you see if they would like updates posted on this site for Dakota, verses having a link to her page on here? If their goal is to be private, I can check her blog and just post updates. Sorry, I don't know how else to get this out there! Thanks.


Please pray for Camryn's brother Wyatt; his bone marrow harvest is Thursday morning.

Pray for Bentley; she has developed a cough, pray that she gets well SOON!

More later.....

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Please pray for Noah. He is having surgery on his eyes TODAY. Please cover this little boy and his momma and daddy.

Don't forget, Erica's doctor visir is today as well.

How YOU can help:

Read this for a fun way to help Bentley!

Monday, June 1, 2009


Just FYI: If you noticed I removed Baby Aiden's name from the Angel list on the sidebar, it is because I went to click on the blog, and it has been changed to "private". So I removed the link.

How YOU can help:

Visit Cody's Crew for two new ways to help: they are doing a balloon release for Cody on Friday, the 6th; you can purchase balloons online. They also have bracelets for sale.


Erica's appointment is tomorrow. Pray for some good news!!

Please pray for Avery; she has been having some serious issues, and now they are suspecting a clot or bleeding on the brain. No results yet; keep praying!

Pray for Reagan to have less seizures at night so she and momma can get some sleep!!

Veiyah's family needs our prayers.


This is "Little Bug"; go check out her blog and pray for her as she goes through some tough times in the NICU. And for her new mommy and daddy!

Baby with SMA
This is Gwendolyn, and she has SMA. Most SMA babies do not live past the age of 2, and she is 20 months. Please add her to your prayers!


Brinley had her central line removed today, and the surgery went great!

Bentley is home!