Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday and update on Cole


Camryn gets to come home today!



My mom called me around noon today and all they know right now is that he is on CPAP and is not able to breathe on his own. This is all we know, please keep praying for my little cousin. (See post below this). THANK YOU!!!!

Please pray for Tiffany; she has had some urgent health issues come up that past few days. Check her blog for details, and let's pray for quick healing!

Noah E. is still in the hospital. They discovered that he has a pretty serious infection. Specific prayer requests from his blog are: "that we would be able to clear this infection, that things would be done in an expedient and orderly fashion, and that Noah will feel better."

Rebekah is on her way!!! Please pray for a safe and speedy delivery, and for health for Rebekah and momma!

Please pray for little Jonah; his momma is requesting prayer. He had to have some blood drawn, and she is worried that all of the contact on his skin will cause some bad blistering. Pray for his little skin to be protected, and go leave some encourgement for her.

Pray for Reagan as her body adjusts to this new medication.

Ethan has a doctor visit today; please pray that his counts look good.

Update from Kristy on her friend:

"I just wanted to update you. Sweet Farrah (aka "Sarah") is in heaven with Jesus this morning. Please pray for her parents, husband, 2 sweet babies, and the rest of her family and friends. She was so important to so many people and will be sorely missed. However, she is now healthy and whole and dancing in heaven.
Thank you for your prayers."

Here is a new website address for Joshau; during his tests this week, his momma will be updating this page. Let's keep him in our prayers!


This is Cathy:

"Please pray for me. I am 22 weeks pregnant with my 5th baby and am already having preeclampsia (very high blood pressure that isn't responding to medicines). I've also been having blood in my urine for almost a month now. Ultrasound & bladder scope have ruled out infection and I will be tested next for low grade bladder cancer. I was admitted to the labor & delivery this past week for pre-term contractions and sent home on stricter bedrest which seems impossible since we have 4 little girls to care for at home already.

My mind always seems to imagine the worst - and I'm sure the resulting stress isn't helping my blood pressure.

I would LOVE any prayers anyone can spare - and would also ask that people pray for my older two girls (11 & 9) that they understand why I can't do as much as I had previously. My younger two are 2 1/2 and 9 months.

Also - this one... IS A BOY!!!!


Let's add Cathy to our prayers, and intercede for a healthy pregnancy, and a healthy baby boy!!


  1. I would like to become a part of your prayer blog. My husband (Trenton) is scheduled for an EEG & MRI on July 7th. He has been having seizures fairly often lately for unknown reasons. We met with a neurologist last Friday and he recommended the EEG & MRI. They have no ruled out Epilepsy but it's a 50/50 chance that he has it. He has no other family members with this disease and I am constantly researching medications & how to cope with it. We have a 3 year old daughter and a son that is due in 9 weeks. If you will please post this and get prayers started! We are hoping for a good diagnosis. Our family could use prayers for good results from these tests and for a safe and healthy delivery of our little boy in 9 weeks. :) Our family blog is

  2. Please pray for my family friend whose son was born still at 40 weeks due to an umbilical cord entanglement. Please pray that his parents are given strength to get through his service today as they bury their baby in his final resting place today. His parents had tried over seven years to have a baby and Hunter went to be with the lord on June 26th. Please provide them strength to heal through this horrible tragedy. Mom feels as if she did something wrong and is questioning her faith as to why this happened to her perfect baby boy.


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