Friday, June 19, 2009


Gavin go a new PICC line, and his momma requested prayer that it does not get infected!

Jack is in the hospital again with another pleural effusion. Let's pray for quick healing!

Prayer requests as Rebekah's delivery day approaches: "for all of the doctors involved in making decisions about Rebekah's delivery and care. Pray that Rebekah will arrive in the Lord's timing and that her lungs will be fully developed when she does arrive. AMEN!!!

Please pray for Evan as he is dealing with a central line infection.

Stellan is in the hospital with more SVT. Please pray!

Continue to pray for Reagan as the doctors try to figure out the best way to help her. Pray for wisdom!

Pray for Veiyah; she had g-tube placement surgery this week.

How YOU can help:

I hope everyone has a blessed weekend!
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  1. Could you please add my little buddy Jaxson to your prayer list.....He is such an amazing little boy who has been through so much and I love him so much!! :0)

    Also, please visit my blog for many other children who could desperately use your prayers......

    p.s. Could you also please say a prayer for my little Avery that we get a handle on his GI problems and that he really starts to pick up with eating and holding his food down.....thanks so much :0)


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