Thursday, June 4, 2009


EDIT: I received two comments today about this little girl and wanted to get the request up ASAP: this is Lindsay; she was born June 11, 2008 with HLHS (Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome). She has been through 5 open heart surgeries and was listed on the heart transplant list in November of 2008. They received a call today, they have a heart for her! Please pray for this little girl as she goes through a huge surgery today, and pray for her family.


"Little Bug" is HOME with her new mommy and daddy!

Check Noah's blog for an AMAZING report on his eyes!

Little Zoey is home!


Pray for Brayden as he goes through Phase 2 of his chemo; pray for strength, and no secondary infections.

Lydia is having ear surgery today, please pray that all goes well. They also requested prayer for two families that lost children this week; lets pray for them.

Please pray for Reagan's stomach issues; that they will clear up and she can get some relief!

Ethan's mom is requesting prayers for his upcoming appointment on Monday, June 8th. They will be checking his blood to see if he is still cancer free.

Also, continue to remember Dakota and her family. Read the post below for more details on her situation.


This is Gabi; she was born at 23 weeks gestation and is still in the hospital. She is doing well, but still needs prayers to get her home!

And this is Evan. Here is a little tag from his momma: "We have a little boy who was a 24 weeker. His name is Evan Vincent and he has short bowel syndrome. His reconnection surgery was yesterday (Tuesday) and he is now in the PICU for a few days. He came from the NICU and was there for 4 months." Please add Evan to your prayers as well!!!


I changed the link for Baby Laith to his Facebook page. It has much more current updates, videos, and pictures on it.

I also changed the link for Robbie to his Facebook group. There is a new update posted today!

Don't forget to pray for our Angel Families. Let's not forget they need healing too, just a different kind. Thank you so much for your prayers!


  1. I have been following this little girls blog for quite some time now. He name is Lindsay Dean. She was born June 11, 2008. She was born with HLHS Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome- basically only half a heart. She has been through 5 open heart surgeries and was listed on the heart transplant list in November of 2008- Well today is the day, I checked her blog this afternoon and the dr.'s have found a heart for her. This little baby girl has really touched so many lives and they could use all the prayers as from what I understand this is a roller coaster. She is so sweet and is just shy of her 1st birthday-
    Thanks the blog link is

    i dont know her personally, but just stumbled upon her blog and was immediately touched by her sweet little face and spirit.

  2. Please add Lindsay Dean to your list ASAP. Her family got the call that she will be getting her heart transplant today. I know they can use the extra prayers.


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