Friday, June 5, 2009

Contemplations for an Intercessor

A post from the Preserving a Generation blog:

WHAT IF.....

What if when you were overlooked you remembered that He passed through the crowds unnoticed?

What if when you were misunderstood you clung to the reality that He is so little known, even by some of the very ones He died for. So you laid down your life for the very ones that misunderstood you.

What if when the one you were trying to please was never satisfied you began doing all things as unto the Lord, knowing your reward is from Him. And you refused to believe that you were worthless, knowing that He bought you with royal blood before you ever did anything.

What if when you felt so lonely that the ache came from somewhere deep, deep within your soul, you told Him, "I still choose you, I will not compromise…You are all I want, you are all I need."

What if when you were told 'you aren't good enough, smart enough, talented enough, or attractive enough', you boldly said, "Lord it's okay, I know YOU love me and You want me. Therefore I WILL press on."

What if when the thing that you gave your heart to, your life to, didn't work out like you thought - you said, "Lord, I embrace this flame, burn away the chaff in my heart, I trust You. Your leadership is perfect."

What if when you are not appreciated, not wanted, not loved, you look Him straight in the eyes and cry to Him with all of your heart. You lift up a cry so loud that it pierces the heavens. And while you’re looking straight into those fiery eyes crying out from the deep places of your heart to the deep places of His, you tell Him, "I love all of Your ways! You are just and true. Do with me as You will. I am in love with You! Though You slay me I will praise You. Test me, try me, squeeze every drop of love that this frail heart of mine has in it for You. My love is yours. Come and take it....however You desire to!!!"

And what if these cries reach only the ears of the meekest, most beautiful Man who ever walked the face of earth. You cry out to no one else. You make no earthly, human defense, no argument. No one else hears your complaint. You reserve your sorrow, your agony, your pain for the only One who truly understands…

And what if after this, He is you still love? Do you still trust? Do you still wait? Yes, you do. Where else can you go? For you know He alone has the words of life.

And what if when it's all said and done you posses the kind of tears that move heaven.
The kind of tears that move the heart of God, as the bottle that holds them overflows, streaming down onto His hand, his mighty right hand. Then, He reaches down from heaven, with the strength of His right arm! That mighty right arm, Oh beautiful Jesus. He cannot resist your cries very long. He does not. He will not. For He sees, He will not be silent, and He will rouse Himself for your vindication (Psalm 35:22-23).


Now you are ready to weep for others. You are ready to lift up your voice for others who have no idea who to cry to. Others who may have no voice. Those who don't know that all of His ways are just and true. Those who don't know about His tear bottle, and His mighty right arm. NOW YOU ARE READY TO MOVE HEAVEN AND EARTH, FOR NOW YOU KNOW THE SECRET OF HOW TO MOVE HIS HEART.


As the director of the Little Rock, Arkansas chapter of Exodus Cry, Enid's primary burden in intercession is the staggering 30+ million women and children victims of modern day slavery. Married to her husband, Corey, for 17 years, Enid is a homeschooling mother of six beautiful children. Together, she and her husband pastor a local church and lead a House of Prayer, both in Little Rock.

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