Monday, October 4, 2010

a few requests...

Please pray for Ashley, she had a liver transplant a while back and it is now sick..

Please pray for Beckhams mom kim, she is expecting a new little girl and was just diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

Please pray for Cal. We lost my daughter to a mitochondrial disease last May, so I speak from experience when I say this is a monster, it robs you of your healthy children so fast..

Emerson and her family could use some prayer right now, She was just given another, not so good, diagnosis..go on over and love on them..

Rebekah is having surgery on Nov. 3, please be in prayer for the doctors wisdom and for her to have a successful surgery..

Please remember sweet little Logan as he is still doing well after his heart transplant last month.

Sorry its been so long..I will try to update with more tomorrow...

also please feel free to leave a comment here or find us on facebook  (button on the side column) with any more requests and/or updates..