Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday: Update on Angel families

Pray for the Tippings:
I had the procedure done on Monday, and actually the tube is still blocked, so we will have to do a further procedure before moving forward with trying again. This was a little frustrating, just because of being ready to move forward, but also I know it is a part of the process that we have to go through. Please pray for perseverence, I want to do that and not complain.

Definitely read an awesome story on Angel Baby Sage's blog! The post is titled Miracle or "Just a Coincidence"?

Jessica Kate and family have hit the road in their RV to promote pediatric cancer awareness. Keep them in your prayers!

I know Christy has already posted about two families that really need our prayers, but I'm going to mention them again.

The Ramers and the Jones family Please pray for these families, and if you feel led, leave them some words of encouragement.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Pray for Brayden this week as he begins another round of medication.

Eden has a cold, please pray that she will heal quickly!

Keep praying for Isaiah, he is still having a very hard time.

Pray for Mikayla as she is undergoing a week of chemo treatment.

Read Noah's blog for an awesome testimony, and an even more awesome way to help!

Rebekah will be having g-tube surgery tomorrow; please pray!


This is the Jones family. They lost their precious little boy, Ayden, to SIDS a month ago, when he was four months old. Please pray for this hurting family.

This is Nevaeh, she is four years old and has leukemia. Her momma, Amy, is needing some encouragement. Stop by and leave a message! She is also looking for moms who have been through this with a child; she is feeling alone. Thank you!!!

We also wanted to add the Ramer family to our prayer list; they lost their twins to a drowning accident a few months ago.

Thanks for praying!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I apologize for the incomplete update on Monday, I got interrupted and never had a chance to finish. Here is a current one!

Pray for Isaiah, he is fighting a virus.

Keep praying for Kate as they await the results of her kidney test.

Jaxson goes to the hospital tomorrow to begin pre-op for his cath surgery on Friday. Keep this little one in your prayers!

Charity is in the hospital with an infection, and will need another vesicostomy procedure done. Here are some specific prayer requests:

"-Please pray for my wife Elizabeth who is with Charity tonight, that they both sleep well
-Pray for the gang at home that we all would get rest
-Pray that during this time we would be able to be a light to others at the hospital"

Please remember the Karg family as they are struggling with the loss of Veiyah's twin sister, Aderah. Her first birthday is September 25th. Keep this family in your prayers!


This is the Tellinghuisen Family. They have a son, Aidan, that was born with lissencephaly, microcephaly and intractable epilepsy. They just had a new baby boy a few days ago, and he was also born with some similar symptoms as his older brother. Please add this family to your prayers!

Monday, September 21, 2009


Alternative Name
Here's a new button for Baby Sam! I posted it in the "Praying for Healing" column.

Pray for Brinley; she has been pretty sick and has been having a rough time.

Eden is having some skin problems, pray for her infection to clear up.

Keep praying for Gavin, and also for his sister as he is still pretty sick.

Isaiah had a minor surgery yesterday because of an infection, please pray for quick recovery and no more infection!

Prayers for Kate:

"Tomorrow (Monday) Kate goes to outpatient clinic to see how she is recovering. Please pray that her counts are good, and getting better. We definitely desire a good week at home before having to start the next round. Also, please pray for rest, as Kate is hooked up to a pump that feeds her all night long, and causes all of us a little less sleep. Lastly, I ask you to pray for protection for Kate from outside sickness. All of this talk about H1N1, and other viruses takes on a whole new threat level in terms of Kate's immunity, and our sanity."

Mikayla needs prayers, her leukemia test came back at 61%; pray for wisdom and for healing.

Prayers for Rebekah:

"We have a few very definite prayer requests for Rebekah's g-tube surgery. First, please pray that Rebekah will not get sick or come down with an infection before, during or after her surgery. Second, please pray for wisdom for the doctors as they complete the g-tube and Nissen procedures. Third, please pray for quick healing and recovery time for Rebekah. Lastly, please pray for our family as we are apart while Rebekah has her surgery, and for Grammy while she is here with the boys. Thankfully, the doctors are projecting no more than a week if everything goes well."

Jaxson will be having surgery on Friday; please pray for him this week!

I will finish this update tomorrow asap.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


UPDATE: Baby Sam has anywhere from one to three heart defects. He will have to have surgeries and be in the NICU after his birth. Let's cover them in prayer!!!
Please pray for Erica and Baby Sam! Checkup yesterday showed there might be something wrong with his heart, and they are having a fetal-echo-cardiogram today. Please pray!!!

Pray for Rosie; she has been feeling pretty sick.

Go to Brinley's blog for an awesome post about Childhood Cancer Awareness! (And pray for little Miss Brinley too!)

Pray for Eden's lungs to continue to improve.

Pray that Gaines's feeding issues will improve quickly.

Gavin is still pretty sick, keep praying for him!

Pray for Joshua and his momma as they are traveling and having some tests done today. For safety and good test results!

Praise God for good results on Kate's MRI!

Camryn is having her liver levels checked on Monday, pray for good counts!

Pray for Ava; she had surgery yesterday and is in a lot of pain. Pray for quick recovery!

Owen had G-tube surgery yesterday, pray for quick recovery for him as well!

Makenna's Caring Bridge website! Thanks for passing it on, Alyson!

Monday, September 14, 2009


Cathy had baby Lars on Saturday! No updates yet, but being early, I'm sure this little one will be needing lots of prayers! (I am moving Cathy's blog to the "praying for...." list, under her new little boy's name, Lars).

Prayer requests for Brayden:

"We are headed out for Little Rock for a bit. Brayden will have a spinal sedation to inject chemo into his spinal fluid and proceed with his 3rd round of High-Dose Methotrexate. We're praying there are no complications with the sedation and that his spinal fluid remains clear. We're praying he's able to drink enough and stay hydrated to flush everything out quickly. We've been so blessed not to have mouth sores yet (other than a few on his lip the first round) and we're praying that trend continues!"

Please pray for Brinely, she had a really rough time last week, and has been sick.

Stop by Emerson's blog for an update, and pray for this little girl. She has a lot going on.

Gaines is home! Please pray for him and his family as they all adjust.

Pray for Gavin and his family. They need extra prayers right now.

Little JJ is here; there is a detailed update on Erica's blog. Please pray for this little one, and for his family!

Prayers for Kate:

"In light of Kate's MRI on Wednesday we are asking family, friends and followers of Christ across the world to join with us at some point in the next few days in a fast. There are details on my website and I will post more details over the next few days. Would you read this post and consider joining us in this?

Pray for wisdom for Maryn's momma to decide on what treatments are best for her little girl.

Paul received his new heart! Pray for swift recovery and healing!

Prayers for Abbey:

"Her MRI is scheduled for October 9th to see if the residue from the clot in her brain is completely gone. Please pray that there is no sign of it and that they will tell us to stop her two shots a day."

Prayers for Abby Riggs:

"This morning (Monday) Abby has an oncology appointment. Abby will get a spinal tap (lumbar puncture), IV chemo and antibiotics and an exam. The chemo that they are injecting into her spinal fluid is needed to treat her cancer, but it can also damage Abby's young brain. Would you please pray that Abby would be well sedated during the procedure, pain free, and not scared? Also, for wisdom as her doctor makes decisions about what doses chemo to give Abby and for no nausea or discomfort after the procedure."

FYI:I went to check on baby Makenna's blog, and it has been removed (not sure why); that is why it is no longer on the list.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Update on Angel Families

We have a lot of hurting mommies and daddies right now that need our prayers more than ever today.

Cody's birthday is today. He would be 7 years old.
Please join us on our journey to eradicate the beast known as Neuroblastoma. Children are dying every day to this terrible disease. Go to Cody's and sign up for the Cody's Crew 5K. We are raising money for research and treatment of the beast. Go and sign up for our event.

Pray this ride and foundation and spread the word.
Pablove Across America Ride: This is our first major push to expand the Pablove Foundation. You have all been incredibly supportive tin the past 16 months. Today, we ask that you continue your support of our efforts to help kids with cancer. Please spread the word FAR and WIDE. Our goal is to raise $1 million as my friend and cycling coach Rick Babington ride from St Augustine FL to Pablo's grave at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills here in Los Angeles.
Pablove Foundation

Arkansas Children Hospital will be having their memorial service on Sunday the 13th.

Just having some rough days. They could use a special prayer and some encouragement.

New Adoption Prayer Request

Please keep my really good friend Jenn in your prayers. She is in the process of adopting a little girl. Pray for her strength, peace, and comfort during this difficult waiting time. Pray for the birth mom to continue to have peace about her decision, as well.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pray for Cathy

Cathy is requesting prayer:

"Please pray for a healthy baby boy!

I'm almost 31 weeks pregnant and found out today (Wednesday) that I'm likely delivering on Friday as the result of preeclampsia....

All the details are on my blog. I'm scared and anxious - and worried as this one is a boy and boys lungs develop slower.

I start a 24 hr urinalysis tomorrow morning and have my 2nd steroid shot (to mature his lungs) tomorrow as well... then an ultrasound to determine maturity followed by a Dr. Appt on Friday morning."

Let's pray!!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Praise:Thank you so much for praying for my mom. Her test came back yesterday clear; praise God! Again, thanks so much for the prayers. I really felt them!

Little Gaines will be going home on Friday! Go, little man!!!

Gavin is still not doing well, keep praying for him.

Pray for Isaiah!!!! He was matched with donor organs yesterday and the surgery will be done sometime today. Please cover this little guy!

Rebekah will be having surgery soon to insert a G-tube for feeding. Pray that surgery goes well and helps her reflux issues.

Jaxson is having some tests run today, pray for him.

Jonah is having a hard time eating, please pray for him, and his mommy!

Prayer request from Reagan's momma:

"I ask that you would remember Reagan as she starts yet another new medication. She desperately needs some relief from these seizures! Please lift her up."

Thursday, September 3, 2009


September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month


Rosie is pregnant! What an awesome post to read today!! Let's keep her in our prayers for a safe and healthy pregnancy.

I moved little Abigail's button to the "Pregnancy Prayers" prayer list, since her mommy is expecting. Let's pray for a safe and healthy pregnancy for her too!


Pray for Bruce, he will begin more chemo and radiation treatments next week.

Continue prayers for Gaines and his family as they get closer to going home.

Gavin is still having a rough time, keep praying for him!

Isaiah is in the hospital with bleeding ulcers, pray for quick healing and comfort.

Prayers for Kate:

- blood pressure to stay consistent
- for chemo to get rid of all the cancer cells
- for her upcoming MRI
- for her brother and sister during this difficult time

Pray for Maddie as she continues to have more and more seizures. She needs some relief!

Mikayla had another bone marrow test done and her leukemia is NOT in remission. Please pray!

Please pray for Paul, he is in the hospital and not doing well.

Camryn is having a difficult time not being able to go to school. Please pray for her little broken heart! She also has developed a rash, pray for quick healing.

Pray for Abbey who is sick and running a fever.

Update on little Veiyah's heart cath procedure; please pray for wisdom.


This is Brayden; he was born on June 20, 2008 and was diagnosed with hydranencephaly. This blog is his story. Please add him to your prayers! Also, this blog is his momma's blog, for Hydranencephaly Information & Inspiration. It is a wonderful referance source for anyone dealing with this diagnosis in their family.

On a final, personal note, I would like to request prayer for my mother. She is having some tests run next Tuesday, the 8th, for some health problems she has been having for a long time. I am trusting the Lord for a good report, but I know she is in His hands. I ask for prayers for good results, and for peace and joy unspeakable for myself, my mother and father, and my sister. Thank you!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday: Update on Angel Families

Go read Brook's post is helpful on how parents of angel babies feel, and how important it is to not be afraid to ask how they are every now and then.
Prayers needed!!!!
Currently there are efforts to legalize abortion in Brazil, and they are using our babies (babies with anencephaly) to push for abortion. In order to help, Prenatal Partners for Life will be writing a letter, which will include testimonies from parents who have carried their babies to term. Please, if you are the parent of an anencephalic child, contact Mary at Prenatal Partners for Life to help. Her email address is
Denise could use some words of encouragement and prayers today. She's having a rough time.
Pablo would be starting Kindergarten this week. Say a special prayer for his mommy and daddy this week.
At the end of September through February Jessica and her family will be heading out in their RV to promote pediatric cancer awareness. Go check their blog out and pray for them during the next few months.