Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I apologize for the incomplete update on Monday, I got interrupted and never had a chance to finish. Here is a current one!

Pray for Isaiah, he is fighting a virus.

Keep praying for Kate as they await the results of her kidney test.

Jaxson goes to the hospital tomorrow to begin pre-op for his cath surgery on Friday. Keep this little one in your prayers!

Charity is in the hospital with an infection, and will need another vesicostomy procedure done. Here are some specific prayer requests:

"-Please pray for my wife Elizabeth who is with Charity tonight, that they both sleep well
-Pray for the gang at home that we all would get rest
-Pray that during this time we would be able to be a light to others at the hospital"

Please remember the Karg family as they are struggling with the loss of Veiyah's twin sister, Aderah. Her first birthday is September 25th. Keep this family in your prayers!


This is the Tellinghuisen Family. They have a son, Aidan, that was born with lissencephaly, microcephaly and intractable epilepsy. They just had a new baby boy a few days ago, and he was also born with some similar symptoms as his older brother. Please add this family to your prayers!


  1. I think your blog is really amazing. I love that you have a heart for these families in need. I wanted to share my blogs with you dedicated to babylost parents:

    and children who are fighting for their lives:

  2. Thank you for this service you do. Do you know how many people are being covered in prayer because of you?

    Beautiful healthy baby boy died suddenly. SIDS. Mom is having such a hard time.

  3. my name is Amy&i ave a dughter that has Luekemia,she is 4 yrs old.This ha been really hard on all of us.We also have a son that is autistic&a son that is hearing impared/speech impared.but our hardest situarion is our daughter.Please pray for her progress&her to have victory in this battle.


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