Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Update on Angel Families

We have a lot of hurting mommies and daddies right now that need our prayers more than ever today.

Cody's birthday is today. He would be 7 years old.
Please join us on our journey to eradicate the beast known as Neuroblastoma. Children are dying every day to this terrible disease. Go to Cody's and sign up for the Cody's Crew 5K. We are raising money for research and treatment of the beast. Go and sign up for our event.

Pray this ride and foundation and spread the word.
Pablove Across America Ride: This is our first major push to expand the Pablove Foundation. You have all been incredibly supportive tin the past 16 months. Today, we ask that you continue your support of our efforts to help kids with cancer. Please spread the word FAR and WIDE. Our goal is to raise $1 million as my friend and cycling coach Rick Babington ride from St Augustine FL to Pablo's grave at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills here in Los Angeles.
Pablove Foundation

Arkansas Children Hospital will be having their memorial service on Sunday the 13th.

Just having some rough days. They could use a special prayer and some encouragement.

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  1. I hoped to see Aderah's name here under Angel families. Hurting very much so lately. Will definitely be praying for these other Angel families as I feel exactly what they are feeling. It hurts like nothing else.



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