Thursday, September 3, 2009


September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month


Rosie is pregnant! What an awesome post to read today!! Let's keep her in our prayers for a safe and healthy pregnancy.

I moved little Abigail's button to the "Pregnancy Prayers" prayer list, since her mommy is expecting. Let's pray for a safe and healthy pregnancy for her too!


Pray for Bruce, he will begin more chemo and radiation treatments next week.

Continue prayers for Gaines and his family as they get closer to going home.

Gavin is still having a rough time, keep praying for him!

Isaiah is in the hospital with bleeding ulcers, pray for quick healing and comfort.

Prayers for Kate:

- blood pressure to stay consistent
- for chemo to get rid of all the cancer cells
- for her upcoming MRI
- for her brother and sister during this difficult time

Pray for Maddie as she continues to have more and more seizures. She needs some relief!

Mikayla had another bone marrow test done and her leukemia is NOT in remission. Please pray!

Please pray for Paul, he is in the hospital and not doing well.

Camryn is having a difficult time not being able to go to school. Please pray for her little broken heart! She also has developed a rash, pray for quick healing.

Pray for Abbey who is sick and running a fever.

Update on little Veiyah's heart cath procedure; please pray for wisdom.


This is Brayden; he was born on June 20, 2008 and was diagnosed with hydranencephaly. This blog is his story. Please add him to your prayers! Also, this blog is his momma's blog, for Hydranencephaly Information & Inspiration. It is a wonderful referance source for anyone dealing with this diagnosis in their family.

On a final, personal note, I would like to request prayer for my mother. She is having some tests run next Tuesday, the 8th, for some health problems she has been having for a long time. I am trusting the Lord for a good report, but I know she is in His hands. I ask for prayers for good results, and for peace and joy unspeakable for myself, my mother and father, and my sister. Thank you!!!


  1. It is always so encouraging to come here and see you keep up on so many little lives! Thank you SO much. You are incredible!!


  2. I ask that you would remember Reagan as she starts yet another new medication. She desperately needs some relief from these seizures! Please lift her up.

  3. Thanks so much for adding Brayden to your prayer list!


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