Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Hello long lost friends! I hope each of you have had a wonderful Christmas and Holiday season.. It seems like it all came and went in a snap, I cannot believe next week it will be 2012.. it seems crazy to me!

So, I love this blog, and agreed to take it over because I honestly thought I would have more time to really keep it up.. and honestly I haven't had time to keep this or my personal blog up.. I haven't had a chance to blog hop or check in on anyone in a long time. So this is my question, for now is there anyone out in bloggy land that would care to take on updating now and then? I will still help whenever possible, but would LOVE to have someone that has time and willingness to assist...if so leave a comment here (with your email address) and I will email you with details..

Also I am going to try to update some of the lists while I have a few minutes..if you have any updates or want to add/remove/rename (i.e any changes) please let me know here in the comments..

~~~~~~~~~~~~ A few requests for now...

I did want to ask for some urgent prayer for 2 year old  Eli and his family. He became gravely ill on Christmas eve and has been fighting for his life..

Also pray for sweet Noah E and his family. He is on Hospice and is really struggling to hang on..pray for peace and comfort and healing for both of these families..

Friday, March 25, 2011


Please pray for the Austin family as their sweet little baby Noah was born and passed only 19hrs later.Saying Hello and good bye at the same time, must be one of the hardest things a parent could do..

Emerson is also in need of prayer, what a little fighter they have!

Kate is getting radiation treatment, and is in need of prayer.

Morgan is undergoing new experimental treatment in California at the moment, Her mom Dasa is also 7 months pregnant, I know they certainly appreciate being lifted up in prayer. (this is a fb link, but open to anyone to view)

And my computer is freezing once again. I really am trying to keep up with the needs of those on the list and certainly appreciate any comment/emails being sent to me.. seems the 'web surfing' and page to page is too much for my old computer this week.. SO if you know of any urgent prayer requests, leave them here or email and I will post ASAP. I will try to get on the laptop tonight and get more through the lists..

A few added, thank you to those who brought these to my attention <3
22-month-old Nathan Phillips was put on Hospice yesterday and doctors say it's a matter of hours or days. He's been a fighter his whole life and has a precious precious precious family, including twin brother, Jacen.

This is Carla, she will be 4 on April 2, 2011, has HLHS and is currently on a vent and awaiting a new heart. Please pray for this little girl as well as her family.

Please add Ashley Kate to your prayer lists. She is in the hospital with an infection and her liver is not functioning as well as it should. pray for her liver to fight the infection and for her to go home soon.. no 5 year old enjoys sitting in a hospital..

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A few requests for now ..

Please go send lots of love to sweet Veiyah, she had open heart surgery on Friday..she is such a fighter and needs all of the prayer and well wishes she can get ((also for her family, its so hard to see your baby fight))

Sadly Nina passed a day after her birthday. Please pray for her family during this time of loss..

Maggie's parents are checking into hospice for her. They also got some discouraging news that her son may have the same disease that is taking Maggie from them..

Be in prayer for Noah and his family, as they are planning and prayer for his safe arrival and for him to do well once he is out.

~I will edit in more this evening after bedtime for the baby :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A few requests for the weekend

Emerson has taken a turn and really needs some prayer

Sweet little Kate is in need prayers, her cancer is back and has spread.

Please be in prayer for the Maggie's family and for Cooper's family. They are both so young and already facing the end of their lives..

Please pray for Nina, a darling little girl who has an imoperable brain tumor, she is fighting hard for her life...

I will finish this post later, but wanted to go ahead and get these out  to our pray warriors.

As always please feel free to leave prayer request in the comment section or email me privately @ safehavenblog@yahoo.com

Monday, February 14, 2011


Congratulations to the following people!
1st was Holly!! She will have choice of all 3 prizes! 
2nd was Mattie!! She will have choice of 2 prizes
and 3rd was Hope!! who will get the last prize!

If you ladies will please email me at safehavenblog@yahoo.com I will get your winnings out to you ASAP! I look forward to doing another drawing soon :)

Happy Valentines day to you and your families. If you will please remember the families on the lists this holiday.

Also please pray for my friends baby girl P, she is being admitted tomorrow for some tests..pray for guidance from the doctors and comfort for her as well as her parents. Hospitals are no fun, especially with little ones..

Thanks everyone! I will post an update soon.. as always let me know if you have any requests and or updates :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Intro and a giveaway!

Hello new and old friends! My name is Jen and the beautiful and wonderful Christy has asked if I would help by taking over this site, and of course I was thrilled to. She has done such a great job of caring for this site and all of those listed on this site for a very long time. I am thankful that someone had placed our daughter Ella on here while we were fighting for her life. The prayers were certainly felt and appreciated.

I am very open to any suggestions people may have to improve our site or any other advice.  Also if you have any other requests or changes needed to links etc. Please email us @ safehavenblog@yahoo.com.
I am also needing at least one other person to help keep up with all of the blogs, so if you have time and can honestly dedicate it to helping out, please email me at the same address..

So to get the ball rolling again we are going to host a give away!

Matthew 18:20 "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them."  so why not more than 2 or 3?!? How about hundreds? Prayer works, it is felt and recieved by those who need it. So I have 3 items to giveaway. 

1. Small bird studio has been so kind to donate 15 dollars of shop credit to her design shop. I also wanted to mention that she offers blog makeover discounts to baby lost parents, click on the link and find all the fun stuff she is up to. Thank you Fran!

2. I have a 20 dollar gift card to shutterfly. I love shutterfly, they do wonderful prints and photobooks. Hop on over and see what twenty will get you, I think you will be pleasantly surprised :)

3..Owasso Hair Candy  has donated this adorable bow for a lucky winner! Thank you Trish!

Here are a few ways to enter-
Follow the blog
-Follow us on facebook and share (badge on Right side bar)-
(be sure to comment below if you already do either/both!)
Also Refer friends! Be sure to have them follow and comment who sent them... for every person you sent, both them and yourselves will be entered to win!

I will pick a random number and
winner number 1 will have 1st choice of prize 
winner number 2 will have 2nd choice
winner number 3 will have whats left of the 3
I will draw 1 week from today. Monday Feb. 14th!  

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

a few requests..

I am working on a post, but in the meantime, wanted to request a few urgent prayer requests for Maryn's mom Annette and her family as they mourn the loss of a beautiful sweet girl.and also for Ellie's family, she passed away yesterday morning after a valiant battle with mitochondrial disease..

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

One last post

To all Safe Haven readers,
I don't know how to say what is on my heart right now. Safe Haven has been such a part of my life for a long time now, and letting it go is hard. But it is time for me to pass the torch and move on. I believe the Lord has used this blog is huge ways, maybe even more than we can understand, and I believe it will only continue to touch many more. The power of prayer is miraculous. Thank you so much for checking in on the prayer requests posted here, and for praying. I am sorry that the last several months this blog has been neglected, but that is soon going to change. I am giving the blog over to my good friend Jen, that I actually met through this blog, and many of you have prayed for her. I thank her publicly for the help she has been lately, and for taking this on. God is moving me on to different things, so I ask for your prayers for that.
I will keep checking on these sweet families, and praying for them daily.
I just wanted to say goodbye, and thanks so much.