Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A few requests for now ..

Please go send lots of love to sweet Veiyah, she had open heart surgery on Friday..she is such a fighter and needs all of the prayer and well wishes she can get ((also for her family, its so hard to see your baby fight))

Sadly Nina passed a day after her birthday. Please pray for her family during this time of loss..

Maggie's parents are checking into hospice for her. They also got some discouraging news that her son may have the same disease that is taking Maggie from them..

Be in prayer for Noah and his family, as they are planning and prayer for his safe arrival and for him to do well once he is out.

~I will edit in more this evening after bedtime for the baby :)


  1. Please pray for little Abigail, who was born only a few months ago with Downs Syndrome and is having heart surgery today. Her mother's name is Kate and this is the link to her Facebook page, although I am not sure of you will be able to view it or not without being her friend. Please just pray for them anyway!

  2. Baby Noah (theaustinfamilylife.blogspot) was born. He is being kept alive by respirator until his Mommy is well enough to spend some time with him and then he will go home to God.
    Please go love on them.


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