Saturday, March 24, 2012


Tesha is finding comfort in friends and has made a lovely slideshow to share her little boy with her bloggers.  Continue to pray for her heart.

A decision was made in Phoebe's treatment and her mom has some mixed feelings.  Please pray for them.

Noah is battling some problems right now and can use our prayers.

Joshua is suffering through a lot of pain.  His mom asks for specific prayers of comfort, good pain control and that he can continue to tolerate his g-tube feeds.

Brayden received his gait trainer!  Lots of other updates on their site as well!

It's been a month since Grayson both came into and left his earthly body.  Please pray for comfort for his family as they continue this journey through grieving.

It's also been a month since the Cretzmans lost their daughter in an accident.  Continue praying for them as well.

Ashley's family had to deal with some unpleasantness and ignorance recently.  Pray not only for them, but for the boy who caused this - he can definitely use it...

Cici is working on using her new sleep positioner this week.

Wes is making amazing strides in his recovery!

As always, please feel free to leave prayer requests here in the comments or send them to me at :)


Sunday, March 18, 2012


Tesha continues to work through her grief over losing her son, Jonathan.  She was blessed by a very sweet gift recently and is enjoying the longer, warmer days.  Continue to pray for her healing heart.

Joshua has been in a lot of pain.  Please pray for comfort for him.

Jacob's mom, Maria, is finding happiness.  While Jacob's condition hasn't changed, her perspective has.

Phoebe is bouncing back from her very scary, life threatening battle with sepsis and it looks like she'll be able to move back to the Oncology floor on Tuesday!

Owen and his family just got home from enjoying a good vacation to visit family.

Christian's mom posted a touching update reliving some memories of Christian through her time with Lola.

Aidan & Ty are recovering well from their g-tube surgeries.

Conner & Cooper are doing extremely well and have been home with their forever family for 2 weeks.  They are gaining weight and improving medically and making great strides!

Jamie and family are getting ready for a move.  Jamie continues to do well at home!

Tripp's mom can still use our prayers.  It's been just over 2 months since he made his journey to Heaven.

Thanks for the prayers you all sent my way as well.  My results were favorable and I appreciated the support I received from you :)


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturday Morning Updates

Good Morning all.  I'm going to start today's updates by asking for some prayers for myself, if I may.  I am waiting on some important health related test results and could use prayers that they come back favorable.  Thank you :)

Jamie continues to make great strides every day.  She is doing so well in her therapies and at home.

Amy is going through a huge life change right now.  Please lift her up in prayer.

Noah was able to come home from the hospital.  Such a wonderful blessing!

Cici is working on tasting therapy and things are going well!

Aidan & Ty recently got their g-tubes.  Send them some prayers!

Cooper & Conner are in the hospital as the doctors look into what issues they each have and the best course of treatment.  Praise that they are home with their forever family and getting the care that they need!!

The Johnson Family were in a horrific car accident on their first day of vacation last July.  Their young daughter, Hannah, did not survive, and the others had bad injuries as well.  Please lift them up in prayer as they continue to heal.

Grace just turned 1 this week and is making more strides in therapy!

Kate and her family got some wonderful news this week.  Her MRI showed no new tumors or recurrent ones.  Praise God!  She continues her chemo treatment.  Continue your prayers for them!

Tesha still needs our prayers as she continues to come to grips with losing her sweet baby.

Christian is trying out a new medication.  His mom says the jury is still out!

Phoebe is on her way back from a septic infection that almost won.  They are going through so much right now, stop by and let them know you're praying for them!

Ella got her results from the surgical board, and her family agreed.  She will be having brain surgery at the end of April.

Eli still has a cold and his mom could use some emotional uplifting.


Monday, March 5, 2012

Prayer Requests

Hi all.  I have a few prayer requests today.  I will be posting a longer "updates" blog tonight or tomorrow, but please be in prayer for these folks:

Noah is headed to the hospital.  His mom's Facebook update says, "Being taken by ambulance to Columbia and admitted to the hospital there. (Too sick to go by car for 2 hours). Pray that the doctors will do enough, but not too much (we don't want him there any longer than necessary). His temp is still high and he is swelling up with pitting edema everywhere."

I received a prayer request today from Tesha: "Please put our family on your list. I gave birth to Jonathan 1-24-12 AT 20 weeks stillborn. I am so lonely and weary."   Please pray for Tesha and their family.  If you have time, let her know that you're praying for and thinking of them!

Please pray that Phoebe's neutrophils will continue to increase and that her immune system will kick into gear and start turning things around for her!

Pray for Joshua.  He is now unable to yawn properly and having more seizures.