Monday, March 5, 2012

Prayer Requests

Hi all.  I have a few prayer requests today.  I will be posting a longer "updates" blog tonight or tomorrow, but please be in prayer for these folks:

Noah is headed to the hospital.  His mom's Facebook update says, "Being taken by ambulance to Columbia and admitted to the hospital there. (Too sick to go by car for 2 hours). Pray that the doctors will do enough, but not too much (we don't want him there any longer than necessary). His temp is still high and he is swelling up with pitting edema everywhere."

I received a prayer request today from Tesha: "Please put our family on your list. I gave birth to Jonathan 1-24-12 AT 20 weeks stillborn. I am so lonely and weary."   Please pray for Tesha and their family.  If you have time, let her know that you're praying for and thinking of them!

Please pray that Phoebe's neutrophils will continue to increase and that her immune system will kick into gear and start turning things around for her!

Pray for Joshua.  He is now unable to yawn properly and having more seizures.


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