Sunday, March 18, 2012


Tesha continues to work through her grief over losing her son, Jonathan.  She was blessed by a very sweet gift recently and is enjoying the longer, warmer days.  Continue to pray for her healing heart.

Joshua has been in a lot of pain.  Please pray for comfort for him.

Jacob's mom, Maria, is finding happiness.  While Jacob's condition hasn't changed, her perspective has.

Phoebe is bouncing back from her very scary, life threatening battle with sepsis and it looks like she'll be able to move back to the Oncology floor on Tuesday!

Owen and his family just got home from enjoying a good vacation to visit family.

Christian's mom posted a touching update reliving some memories of Christian through her time with Lola.

Aidan & Ty are recovering well from their g-tube surgeries.

Conner & Cooper are doing extremely well and have been home with their forever family for 2 weeks.  They are gaining weight and improving medically and making great strides!

Jamie and family are getting ready for a move.  Jamie continues to do well at home!

Tripp's mom can still use our prayers.  It's been just over 2 months since he made his journey to Heaven.

Thanks for the prayers you all sent my way as well.  My results were favorable and I appreciated the support I received from you :)


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  1. Amy, your are AMAZING I am here praying for others. Thank you for caring and praying for so many.


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