Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Requests

I want to start off today's entry with a request that was received this morning.  Please keep these boys and their families in your prayers:
Please pray for two seperate family’s in our community who sons committed suicide over the weekend. Please also pray for the High School students who are trying to cope and understand why these two boys felt like they had no where to turn.

Please pray for Jonah.  He's got a bad cough and has been throwing up for a few days now.

Continue to pray for Joanne and her family.  They are pondering some big life decisions.

Noah and his family can use our prayers today.  They got some bad news and are facing some tough decisions as well.

Jamie is coming home in about a week and is making amazing progress daily!

Please pray for Aviana.  She is going to need some surgery soon.  Please lift her family up in prayer as well.

Keep Matt & Lorraine in your prayers.  They may be having their court date today and be one step closer to bring their boys home.  Please also pray for all of the children in the orphanage there and all over, that they would be treated well while waiting for their forever families.

Phoebe has started chemo, and so far is doing well.  Pray that this continues!

Ashley is enjoying being at home.  Pray that they will be blessed with the gift of time.

Pray for Eli that some adjustments they are making will work well and let them avoid having to take more invasive steps.  Also pray that those who feel led to make nasty comments to them regarding their care of Eli and their decisions would start following "the golden rule"!

Emerson is dealing with an iron deficiency.  Pray that they can get her levels stabilized.  Her mom reports that she is doing well otherwise for now.

Taleah is starting chemo again today.  Keep her in your prayers.


Thursday, January 26, 2012


Please pray for Noah as he is facing a rough day tomorrow.

Keep praying for Jamie and her husband.  The realities of caring for her are setting in and having to be dealt with.

Continue to pray for Joshua as he and his mother have some very tough conversations.

Phoebe begins chemotherapy tomorrow.  Please pray for her and her family.

Pray for Josiah and his family as they have a lot going on right now.

Pray for Jacob's mom, she had her own ER trip recently.

As always, please leave any prayer requests here in the comments or send an email to


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday Jan 25

Maddie’s mom is asking you to support a dear friend who made a big difference in her life.  If you could, stop over and place a vote for the friend who helps her “keep her sanity” as she says it.

Owen’s had a crud this week as well as the rest of his family.  His cath is coming up in two weeks.   Pray that he will be able to keep the appointment and have his cath completed.

Taleah is feeling a bit more back to herself.  She (and her mom) miss the social part of life but they are working through treatments. 

Waverly has a surgery scheduled for the end of March.  They are also still waiting (now over 8 months) for a response in regards to their house.  Pray that they get answers quickly.

Ava is getting her GJ tube replaced in the next few days.   They are lining up fluids so that she can avoid being admitted and receive fluids at home.

Gavin’s mom has a free download for Valentine’s cards.  They are super cute!

Reagan had a rough night last night.  Pray that it is short lived and will be back to happy in no time.  Also keep Reagan’s mom is measuring 3 weeks ahead of schedule.  She has another appointment next week.  Pray for healthy mom and baby. 

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Monday, January 23, 2012


Hello all.  I apologize for not getting any updates out over the weekend.  It was a bit hectic.

Noah and his family got some exciting news.  However, Noah is still not doing well and really needs prayers.

Phoebe's mom is asking for prayer specifically that they would get some answers.

Jamie continues to make strides daily.

Continue to hold Tripp's mom in your prayers as her heart is so broken.

Aviana's mom is feeling pretty good, and that is great news!

Matt & Lorraine continue their visit in the Ukraine as they are waiting to take their precious boys home.

Joshua is having progression of his systems and it's causing him pain.

Pray for Ashley.  2 years ago she lost her husband unexpectedly and has since been trying to find her new normal and raise their son (who was 5 months old when his dad passed away).  She is moving to a new blog, and could use some prayers and support!

Pray for the Lockwood Family.  They are missionaries spreading God's message and love in Mexico.

As always, if you have a prayer need please feel free to email or leave a comment here.

Have a blessed night,

Friday, January 20, 2012


Phoebe's family is settled into their new rental home and are getting ready for her aggressive treatments to begin.  

Jamie's husband is becoming overwhelmed at the financial realities of their situation when Jamie is ready to come home.  Please lift him up in prayer.

Noah had his catheter change today and it was painful, but he made it through.  Please continue to intercede on their behalf.

Continue to keep Courtney in your prayers.  Even though Tripp is now safely in the arms of Jesus, his mom is just starting the grieving process and can use all the prayers she can get.

Ashley is enjoying some pain free, laughter filled time.  Such a huge praise!

Christian is having some really great days!

Eli and family can definitely use our prayers.  Both of his nurses quit this week and he hasn't been feeling well.  His parents are exhausted.

Jacob's mom posted a blog entry worth reading.  Leave them some prayers.

Jared had to have a visit to the neurosurgeon today and have his shunt adjusted.  Pray for this sweet one.

Joshua is starting to feel like he has a "ball" in his head again and it's causing him lots of pain and discomfort.

Owen is working on potty training!

An update from Taleah's mom:  She has been complaining of her head hurting a lot. Makes me feel so bad. The emotional breakdowns are the hardest though. Sometimes I feel like my heart is ripping in two. Tough girl though. We will have this week to recover and hopefully make counts for a PCMC visit next Monday.  

Waverly is going to be having surgery soon.  

Witt received some wonderful news yesterday!!!

Have a blessed night,


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday Night Updates and Requests

Good evening all:

Huge praise!  Kate's family received the news that there was no change on her MRI, and no visible tumors.  God is SO good!!

An update from Noah's mom:  Noah is having a significant increase in his edema/ascites. His face, which had slimmed back down, is getting puffy again, but his abdomen is where the worst swelling is.  Liver numbers are WAY up - over 1,000 - and he is still very listless.  Please keep praying.

Continue to be in prayer for Jamie and her husband, Jayson.  Jamie works hard every day trying to gain back skills, and Jayson makes decisions, takes care of the girls, etc.  

Pray for Phoebe.  She's having surgery tomorrow to have her port placed.

Joshua's mom is having to make some very tough decisions.  Please pray for them.

Christian is working on using a "talker"!  

Until next time,


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday Night


Tripp’s earthly body was laid to rest today.  Keep on Drumming Lil’ Drummer Boy!  Please continue loving on his momma!  She needs the continued love, support and prayers. 
Owen had a well check.  His mom is thankful for a visit to the Dr. for something other than illness. They are approaching their next cath.  Nerves and anxiety is high.  In addition, it is near the time that Owen will turn 4.  Let’s lift him up in prayer that the increased medication and oxygen are helping his pressures.
Witt’s family has lots of happy news!  Let’s celebrate with them!  He is off oxygen and  his muscle strength is improving as well!   In other big news, Witt has found his voice!
Ava’s mom has updated a lot this week.  On Monday, she was sick but now it appears that she is mending well.  They plan to have her new carseat and possibly even a new bed by the summer! 
More Updates to Come!  As always - Comment or Email with Prayer Requests! 
~ Katie ~

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Good evening all:

Keep praying for Noah.  His family is going through the awful process of planning a balloon release at the graveside when Noah goes home.  He is currently fever free, but in need of a transfusion and feeling weak and listless.

Phoebe is not doing well.  Her sodium is not coming down like it should and she's having hallucinations and is feverish.

Josiah is not sleeping well and they are having a very stressful time.
I received this prayer request via email today.  There is no website given, but we can still keep him in our prayers:
Please pray for Benyun Wu
Benyun Wu,67 years old,he is ill now because of lung cancer ,cancer cells diffuse into lymph and vertebra,caused fracture of thoracic vertebra.May God bless him,heal his disease, staunch pain of his body,make his health and mental statusin good condition,and make him accept salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Monday, January 16, 2012


Please keep Phoebe in your prayers tonight. Her hemoglobin is low and she is in intense pain.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Updates #2

Hope is doing well.  She recently had her adenoids removed which should help her sleep apnea.  Her sister Dakota had an endoscopy on the 5th to see about Celiac’s Disease.  They are working through insurance right now to get a car seat that is safe for Hope.  This is an expensive item so keep them and their process with the insurance company(s) in your prayers. 
Gavin and his family were able to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather at the beach.  His mom is reflecting on a lot right now but has decided to take on a new project.  She will be working on her photography skills.  If you have a chance, check out her new photography site that is linked up in her blog post.
Emerson spent her first Christmas at home since she was born.  She is 5!  That is a lot of Christmases in the hospital!  They were recently blessed in so many ways… health, generosity of strangers/blog readers, family time, etc.  Just a reminder of how important our prayers and love to these families are.  Pray for continued health for Emerson.  Her mom has allowed medical care to occur in the home which is allowing her to just be “Mom” for the first time in awhile.  She is also taking on some new endeavors.  Encouragement is always appreciated!

Reagan’s family had a scare at the airport.  Thankful that everyone is okay and home safe and sound!
Owen has a hospital stay coming up in a few weeks for a cardiac catherization.  These never get easier and he is now expressing his 4 yr old anxieties about the trip.  Pray over him for peace and understanding about the visit.
Zoey has a new Physical Therapist.  They seem to be getting along well and he believes in her.  That is a positive change for Zoey.
Rebekah’s family had a scare tonight shortly after bedtime.  Say an extra prayer for the family tonight that she will sleep soundly through the night and wake in the morning to a brand new day. 


Good evening all.  I hope that you had a blessed day.

Please continue to keep Tripp's family in your prayers.

Continue praying for Noah.  His mom was able to get some cuddles in today, which I'm sure was very good for both of them.

Jamie is having some anxiety issues, pray that she would feel calm and at ease. Also please pray for her husband, Jayson, that he would be able to find a balance between home, work, their girls, and being with Jamie.

Eli is getting his new cough assist machine tomorrow.  Keep them in your prayers.

Jacob and his sister are battling a cold.  Send them some love!

Josiah's mom has added some new pictures.

Continue to be in prayer for Phoebe and her family.  Her mom has asked specifically for prayers that she would be able to sleep.  She is having stressful dreams about Phoebe and her care and it's taking it's toll.  Also pray that they would be able to find a home to live in within the next 9 days before Phoebe starts her chemo.

Have a blessed night,

Saturday, January 14, 2012


I just got word that Tripp passed away this morning.  Please keep his mom and entire family in your thoughts and prayers during this incredibly sad time.    God speed, Tripp!

Friday, January 13, 2012


Good evening all.

Please continue to be in prayer for Noah.  He's really not doing well.

Tripp is nearing the end of his suffering.  Please pray for him to be as comfortable as possible and strength for his mom and family.

Jamie was moved to her new rehab facility today!

Matt & Lorraine are in the Ukraine getting closer to bringing their TWO new kiddos home!

Please keep Jenny in your prayers.  Some of you remember that she is Allie's mom.  She is going through an emotionally trying time and I know she would appreciate being lifted up.

Brayden's botox injection is not working as well as was hoped.  Pray that they can get some answers from the orthopedic surgeon.

Phoebe's family met with the oncologist today and came up with a treatment plan.  Pray for guidance for the doctors.

If you have a prayer request, please leave it here in the comments or send an email to

Have a blessed night,

Urgent Prayer Request for Noah

Noah's mom Kate just posted on Facebook:  
Temp 104.9 with meds. Up retching every 30-45night minutes all night. Dr. B is on his way over.

Storm Heaven with prayers for them!

Updated 1:00pm EST:
Temp 105.2, throwing up blood (probably b/c his throat is so irritated from so much retching). CRP (infection marker) which should be under 0.3 is 5.8. Platelets falling pretty fast - 150-something Monday, 129 yesterday, 102 today. Some other labs looking rough as well. Lasix has been tripled, phenergan increased to every 6 hours instead of every 8 hours.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Urgent Prayer Request

Please keep baby Phoebe and her family in your prayers.  She is 2 years old and was diagnosed yesterday with a cancerous brain tumor (AT/RT).  They can use every prayer and ounce of encouragement they can get right now.  

Please also be in prayer for Tripp and his family.  He is not doing well, and things are getting bad quickly.  He has suffered so much, as has his mom.  Please lift them both up tonight.

Thursday Prayer Requests

We have a few prayer requests tonight.

Noah and his family can so use your prayers tonight.  Specific prayer requests from Noah's mom:
Comfort for Noah
Wisdom for Dr. B and all involved
Peace for Jeff and I and the children
For the albumin to do its job and pull off some fluid
Comfort and healing for Mary

Kate is having a full brain and spine MRI on Monday, please be in prayer for good results. Also, the family they helped during a Christmas drive just lost their 16-year-old daughter.  Please pray for them as well.

Pray for Jamie as she is moving to her new facility today.  She also walked 150 feet in rehab yesterday.  God is good!

I'll have a more extensive update tomorrow. 

Have a blessed night!


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Prayers and Praise!

Hello all -

My name is Katie.  I have also volunteered to contribute to this blog.  I have been a follower and a frequent prayer warrior over the last 2 years.  I am a teacher for students with special needs.  I also have 3 sons of my own.  I am excited to be able to keep others updated on the families that I so often check in on and pray for, as well as meet and update you on some other familiar faces.  Thanks for letting me be a part of this great site!  I believe in the power of prayer.... so Thank you in advance for joining us in praying for and lifting up these families.   

Maddie – Still some challenges with Epilepsy but has officially been cancer free for 5 years!  Prayers of Praise!!!  Keep her mom lifted up as she continues to strive towards finding the right medication mix to keep the seizures under control.

Rebekah - Prayers of Praise for being off oxygen.  Lift her up in prayer for the breathing and coughing difficulties that she is experiencing.
Aidan and Ty– Are in need of prayers for comfort and peace.  They are struggling (both children and parents) with the circumstances that are before them. 
Waverly and Oliver headed to the beautiful outdoors recently and their mom caught some amazing smiles on camera!  Head over and check out their pictures…. I am sure you will smile back.  What beautiful children.
Witt's family got a NEW set of Wheels!  They got to go on a family trip for Christmas with everyone in the same vehicle.  What a fabulous blessing over the holidays!
Tripp's mommy could use some uplifting.  Tripp’s care has become difficult because it all causes him extreme pain.
Kristy set some great goals for the start of the New Year. 
Linden's family just moved into a new home!   
Camryn has numerous prayers of praise!  Lift them up in celebratory prayer.

I will be posting mostly on Wednesday or the Weekends.  If you have a prayer request, please feel free, as always to leave a comment below or send an email to


The lucky winner! And a few updates

Happy Wednesday!  Thanks for the great comments, they were appreciated  :) Our lucky winner is Erin!

Congratulations!  Your gift code will be arriving shortly.

And now, a few updates...

Continue to keep Jamie in your prayers.  She is working hard to start walking again and she is struggling with some sadness.

Rebekah is still having problems with a cough and the pediatrician didn't really have any answers. She's seeing her cardiologist tomorrow.

Grant and his family are expecting a new little boy!  Keep them in your prayers.

Joshua is loosing a lot of teeth due to osteoporosis of the jaw.  Pray that he does not lose any adult teeth.

Aidan has not been doing well.  Please send them some prayers and encouragement.

Waverly and Oliver's family are on the verge of getting a new home!  There are some wonderful new pictures of them on their blog, check it out and leave them some prayers.

Have a blessed night!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A few prayer requests

Send some prayers to Joshua.  He’s having more pain and his left eyelid is drooping. 

Aviana is busy working on getting her muscles stronger and sitting more.  She’s doing great!  Give her mom, Jen, some encouragement too.   It’s not always easy trying to figure out what the “right” decisions are, but I think she’s doing a pretty amazing job J

Please pray for Amy.  She is going through a very hard time and is in need of support.

Keep Janet and her family in your thoughts and prayers.  They just lost their sweet furbaby Max after 14 years. 

Say some prayers for Rebekah that her recent coughing is not due to aspiration. 

Continue to keep Noah in your prayers.  He’s having some fluid retention that is causing swelling.  

Don't miss the giveaway on the previous post!  It's open until tomorrow at 8pm EST.

Have a blessed night!


A giveaway! And a favor...

Good Tuesday to all!  I've had a hard time getting back into the swing of things now that my kids are back to school after Christmas break and my husband and I are back to work.  It was such a nice break, but the smack of reality stings ;)  I thought to brighten the day a bit, we'd do a little giveaway!

Up for grabs is a $10 gift code!  One winner will be picked randomly from the comments left on this post telling us what brought you to Safe Haven, and if you have any thoughts or suggestions for the site.   The code will be sent via email to the lucky winner.  I'll leave the giveaway open until 8pm EST tomorrow night.  Good luck!

I also want to ask a favor of you all.  If you have a personal blog or website, give Safe Haven a "shout out".  I know that things slowed down here quite a bit over the last little while, but both Jen and I are very excited to see things get hopping again.  We'd like to see old folks come back, and welcome new ones as well.  We can't ever have enough people praying and lifting each other up!!

I should have some updates later this evening, but for now I'd like to share a big praise!!!  Jamie's husband, Jayson has finally made the decision on where Jamie's care and rehab will continue!  This has been a huge burden on his heart recently and it's wonderful to have that weight off his shoulders.  Stop by and give them some encouragement!!

I look forward to reading your comments, and again, good luck! :)

Until next time,


Monday, January 9, 2012


Hi all, hope you had a great Monday!  A couple of requests tonight:

Please keep Noah in your prayers.  He has an appointment with his cardiologist on Wednesday to find out what some "off" labs mean.  On a praiseworthy note, it looks like he's rid of the MRSA!!

Please keep sweet Kira in your prayers.  Kira is new to Safe Haven.  Take a few minutes to read her story.

Requests and urgent prayer needs can always be left in the comments or emailed to

Until next time,

Sunday, January 8, 2012

A few Sunday requests

Good Sunday to you all!  I have a few more updates/requests today.  If you have a request or know of someone who could use our prayers, please feel free to leave a comment or send an email to

Please pray for Joanne.  January 11 will mark one year since she suffered a stroke and she is still working through rehab and regaining her independence.

Noah and his family can really use our prayers.

Please continue to keep Tripp in your prayers.  He has endured so much.  His mom could use some love too!

Keep Jonah in your prayers.  His mom, Patrice, is going to start potty training him soon!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Some updates, prayer requests and an introduction...

Hi all!  This is my first time contributing to this blog and I'd like to start off by thanking Jen for the opportunity!  My name is Amy, and I will be one of a small team of gals who will be helping Jen keep the blog updated going forward.  A little about me... I'm a married mom of 2 kids  (12 & 10).  I'm also a full-time financial planning assistant for a fully integrated financial holdings company.  But enough about me, let's get to some updates!

Jamie B and her husband Jayson could really use some prayers and encouragement.  Jamie was found unconscious in her garage on December 2 and has been recovering from a traumatic brain injury since then.  In addition to her continued recovery, they are currently having some issues with which type of facility Jamie should be going to and trying to work things out with insurance.  

Ashley is 3 days free of antibiotics for an infection, but there are still a lot of issues and a lot of decisions that need to be made.  Take a moment to leave some encouragement for them.

Keep Aviana in your prayers as she works on sitting and standing.

Brayden is doing well, but both of their vans were in accidents within 2 days of each other, so they could use prayers as they deal with their transportation obstacles.

Brody is making some progress in therapy, and his mom is moving into a new chapter as well.  They can always use encouragement and prayers.

Carly continues to do well and had a really fun Halloween!

Christian's parents have some decisions to make regarding potential surgeries for their little man and could use some prayers.

Please continue to keep Eli in your prayers, he's very sick!

Give praise for Elijah, he's walking, something the doctors said he'd never do!

Emerson just spent her first Christmas at home in 5 years!

Gaines is doing fantastic!  Off oxygen, growing and enjoying life!

Sweet Gracie is raising money for "The Canaries"!  Leave them some prayers and encouragement!

An update from Grant's blog:  "Grant has continued to thrive in his Post Fontan life. He is playing hard and able to keep up with the other kids and as a result, he is also napping better and sleeping more consistently at night than ever before. It is incredible to me.  It has taken me a few months of getting solid REM sleep to not still feel exhausted all of the time, but slowly I am starting to remember what it feels like to not be a walking zombie! "

Continue to pray for Harmonee as she battles against rejection.

Jace's mom updated their page recently: "My lesson learned from 2011 is that you can't predict the future. Well, we all knew that right, but to truly be able to experience an improvement in Jacob's mitochondrial disorder is something we didn't expect. Noone could have predicted that, but it did happen! That is what I will bring with me in to the new year."  Great news!

Please keep Jared's sister, Braylynne, and their entire family in your prayers as they are dealing with the effects of Jared's condition on his sibling.  We sometimes forget that illnesses and conditions effect the entire family and they can always use our prayers and support!

Keep Joshua in your prayers.  He's been having some "off" days.

An update on Josiah's blog: "We have only  5 days til disney. The kids are excited, especially Isaiah. I think this will be a once in a lifetime trip. We will be cramming so many things into a week, i will need to come home and sleep for a week. I am done working now as of this week. Something will come up for me, I just hope soon. I want some changes to happen soon,I want to move, and we really need to so we can accomadate Josiahs needs better. Its getting really hard to carry him up flights of stairs to bed, to the tub, no wheelchair access into my house. Its just really cramped in here with all his medical stuff"  Keep them in your prayers!

Karina's mom could use some encouragement.  Please take a moment to visit and leave her some uplifting words.

Things are very tough for Kate and her family.  Keep them in your prayers and send them some encouragement.

Maddie is doing well, but Brandon is still deployed.  Pray for his safe return SOON!

Noah's mom has posted a recent update worth reading.

Please be sure to let the families know you've stopped by and leave them an uplifting word when you have time.  It seems like a little thing, but it means a lot!  

Additions to the prayer list and urgent prayer requests can be sent to  

Have a blessed day!