Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday Night


Tripp’s earthly body was laid to rest today.  Keep on Drumming Lil’ Drummer Boy!  Please continue loving on his momma!  She needs the continued love, support and prayers. 
Owen had a well check.  His mom is thankful for a visit to the Dr. for something other than illness. They are approaching their next cath.  Nerves and anxiety is high.  In addition, it is near the time that Owen will turn 4.  Let’s lift him up in prayer that the increased medication and oxygen are helping his pressures.
Witt’s family has lots of happy news!  Let’s celebrate with them!  He is off oxygen and  his muscle strength is improving as well!   In other big news, Witt has found his voice!
Ava’s mom has updated a lot this week.  On Monday, she was sick but now it appears that she is mending well.  They plan to have her new carseat and possibly even a new bed by the summer! 
More Updates to Come!  As always - Comment or Email with Prayer Requests! 
~ Katie ~

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