Saturday, January 7, 2012

Some updates, prayer requests and an introduction...

Hi all!  This is my first time contributing to this blog and I'd like to start off by thanking Jen for the opportunity!  My name is Amy, and I will be one of a small team of gals who will be helping Jen keep the blog updated going forward.  A little about me... I'm a married mom of 2 kids  (12 & 10).  I'm also a full-time financial planning assistant for a fully integrated financial holdings company.  But enough about me, let's get to some updates!

Jamie B and her husband Jayson could really use some prayers and encouragement.  Jamie was found unconscious in her garage on December 2 and has been recovering from a traumatic brain injury since then.  In addition to her continued recovery, they are currently having some issues with which type of facility Jamie should be going to and trying to work things out with insurance.  

Ashley is 3 days free of antibiotics for an infection, but there are still a lot of issues and a lot of decisions that need to be made.  Take a moment to leave some encouragement for them.

Keep Aviana in your prayers as she works on sitting and standing.

Brayden is doing well, but both of their vans were in accidents within 2 days of each other, so they could use prayers as they deal with their transportation obstacles.

Brody is making some progress in therapy, and his mom is moving into a new chapter as well.  They can always use encouragement and prayers.

Carly continues to do well and had a really fun Halloween!

Christian's parents have some decisions to make regarding potential surgeries for their little man and could use some prayers.

Please continue to keep Eli in your prayers, he's very sick!

Give praise for Elijah, he's walking, something the doctors said he'd never do!

Emerson just spent her first Christmas at home in 5 years!

Gaines is doing fantastic!  Off oxygen, growing and enjoying life!

Sweet Gracie is raising money for "The Canaries"!  Leave them some prayers and encouragement!

An update from Grant's blog:  "Grant has continued to thrive in his Post Fontan life. He is playing hard and able to keep up with the other kids and as a result, he is also napping better and sleeping more consistently at night than ever before. It is incredible to me.  It has taken me a few months of getting solid REM sleep to not still feel exhausted all of the time, but slowly I am starting to remember what it feels like to not be a walking zombie! "

Continue to pray for Harmonee as she battles against rejection.

Jace's mom updated their page recently: "My lesson learned from 2011 is that you can't predict the future. Well, we all knew that right, but to truly be able to experience an improvement in Jacob's mitochondrial disorder is something we didn't expect. Noone could have predicted that, but it did happen! That is what I will bring with me in to the new year."  Great news!

Please keep Jared's sister, Braylynne, and their entire family in your prayers as they are dealing with the effects of Jared's condition on his sibling.  We sometimes forget that illnesses and conditions effect the entire family and they can always use our prayers and support!

Keep Joshua in your prayers.  He's been having some "off" days.

An update on Josiah's blog: "We have only  5 days til disney. The kids are excited, especially Isaiah. I think this will be a once in a lifetime trip. We will be cramming so many things into a week, i will need to come home and sleep for a week. I am done working now as of this week. Something will come up for me, I just hope soon. I want some changes to happen soon,I want to move, and we really need to so we can accomadate Josiahs needs better. Its getting really hard to carry him up flights of stairs to bed, to the tub, no wheelchair access into my house. Its just really cramped in here with all his medical stuff"  Keep them in your prayers!

Karina's mom could use some encouragement.  Please take a moment to visit and leave her some uplifting words.

Things are very tough for Kate and her family.  Keep them in your prayers and send them some encouragement.

Maddie is doing well, but Brandon is still deployed.  Pray for his safe return SOON!

Noah's mom has posted a recent update worth reading.

Please be sure to let the families know you've stopped by and leave them an uplifting word when you have time.  It seems like a little thing, but it means a lot!  

Additions to the prayer list and urgent prayer requests can be sent to  

Have a blessed day!



  1. Hi Amy ~

    Thank you so much for taking over and posting. I was so shocked when I opened this and saw Aviana's name included. Thank you, we can always use the prayers :o)


  2. Jen, I'm happy to post! Aviana is so sweet, loved seeing the pictures of her working hard. :)


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