Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday Night Updates and Requests

Good evening all:

Huge praise!  Kate's family received the news that there was no change on her MRI, and no visible tumors.  God is SO good!!

An update from Noah's mom:  Noah is having a significant increase in his edema/ascites. His face, which had slimmed back down, is getting puffy again, but his abdomen is where the worst swelling is.  Liver numbers are WAY up - over 1,000 - and he is still very listless.  Please keep praying.

Continue to be in prayer for Jamie and her husband, Jayson.  Jamie works hard every day trying to gain back skills, and Jayson makes decisions, takes care of the girls, etc.  

Pray for Phoebe.  She's having surgery tomorrow to have her port placed.

Joshua's mom is having to make some very tough decisions.  Please pray for them.

Christian is working on using a "talker"!  

Until next time,


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  1. I will continue to pray for all of these very special and loved people...


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