Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Good evening all:

Keep praying for Noah.  His family is going through the awful process of planning a balloon release at the graveside when Noah goes home.  He is currently fever free, but in need of a transfusion and feeling weak and listless.

Phoebe is not doing well.  Her sodium is not coming down like it should and she's having hallucinations and is feverish.

Josiah is not sleeping well and they are having a very stressful time.
I received this prayer request via email today.  There is no website given, but we can still keep him in our prayers:
Please pray for Benyun Wu
Benyun Wu,67 years old,he is ill now because of lung cancer ,cancer cells diffuse into lymph and vertebra,caused fracture of thoracic vertebra.May God bless him,heal his disease, staunch pain of his body,make his health and mental statusin good condition,and make him accept salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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