Sunday, January 15, 2012


Good evening all.  I hope that you had a blessed day.

Please continue to keep Tripp's family in your prayers.

Continue praying for Noah.  His mom was able to get some cuddles in today, which I'm sure was very good for both of them.

Jamie is having some anxiety issues, pray that she would feel calm and at ease. Also please pray for her husband, Jayson, that he would be able to find a balance between home, work, their girls, and being with Jamie.

Eli is getting his new cough assist machine tomorrow.  Keep them in your prayers.

Jacob and his sister are battling a cold.  Send them some love!

Josiah's mom has added some new pictures.

Continue to be in prayer for Phoebe and her family.  Her mom has asked specifically for prayers that she would be able to sleep.  She is having stressful dreams about Phoebe and her care and it's taking it's toll.  Also pray that they would be able to find a home to live in within the next 9 days before Phoebe starts her chemo.

Have a blessed night,

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