Friday, January 20, 2012


Phoebe's family is settled into their new rental home and are getting ready for her aggressive treatments to begin.  

Jamie's husband is becoming overwhelmed at the financial realities of their situation when Jamie is ready to come home.  Please lift him up in prayer.

Noah had his catheter change today and it was painful, but he made it through.  Please continue to intercede on their behalf.

Continue to keep Courtney in your prayers.  Even though Tripp is now safely in the arms of Jesus, his mom is just starting the grieving process and can use all the prayers she can get.

Ashley is enjoying some pain free, laughter filled time.  Such a huge praise!

Christian is having some really great days!

Eli and family can definitely use our prayers.  Both of his nurses quit this week and he hasn't been feeling well.  His parents are exhausted.

Jacob's mom posted a blog entry worth reading.  Leave them some prayers.

Jared had to have a visit to the neurosurgeon today and have his shunt adjusted.  Pray for this sweet one.

Joshua is starting to feel like he has a "ball" in his head again and it's causing him lots of pain and discomfort.

Owen is working on potty training!

An update from Taleah's mom:  She has been complaining of her head hurting a lot. Makes me feel so bad. The emotional breakdowns are the hardest though. Sometimes I feel like my heart is ripping in two. Tough girl though. We will have this week to recover and hopefully make counts for a PCMC visit next Monday.  

Waverly is going to be having surgery soon.  

Witt received some wonderful news yesterday!!!

Have a blessed night,


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