Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday Jan 25

Maddie’s mom is asking you to support a dear friend who made a big difference in her life.  If you could, stop over and place a vote for the friend who helps her “keep her sanity” as she says it.

Owen’s had a crud this week as well as the rest of his family.  His cath is coming up in two weeks.   Pray that he will be able to keep the appointment and have his cath completed.

Taleah is feeling a bit more back to herself.  She (and her mom) miss the social part of life but they are working through treatments. 

Waverly has a surgery scheduled for the end of March.  They are also still waiting (now over 8 months) for a response in regards to their house.  Pray that they get answers quickly.

Ava is getting her GJ tube replaced in the next few days.   They are lining up fluids so that she can avoid being admitted and receive fluids at home.

Gavin’s mom has a free download for Valentine’s cards.  They are super cute!

Reagan had a rough night last night.  Pray that it is short lived and will be back to happy in no time.  Also keep Reagan’s mom is measuring 3 weeks ahead of schedule.  She has another appointment next week.  Pray for healthy mom and baby. 

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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