Friday, October 30, 2009


Pray for Kristen; she is having reactions on her abdomen from her injections. Pray they clear up quickly.

Audra is having complications with her breathing, please pray for her.

Continue to pray for Brayden during this last round of chemo. It's tough on his body, and hard with the holidays coming up.

Brayden Alexander has a cold, please pray he gets well soon, and it doesn't get worse.

Eden's eye exam is today. Please pray for good results, and that she handles it well.

Please pray for Emerson, she is back in the PICU...they are not sure yet what is wrong, but she is pretty sick.

Gaines is in the hospital with a cold. Please pray that it doesn't go into his lungs!

Continue to pray for Gavin and his family during this time with him. Please also pray for wisdom on how to control his pain.

James is not feeling well and is running a fever. Pray for quick healing!

Continue prayers for Joshua, and wisdom for the doctors to know how to help him best.

Prayers for Kate:

"This round I have been praying every time I give Kate her chemo. Giving the drugs brings grief knowing the potential risks and in the same breath hope knowing it is destroying the tumor cells. So I pray as it courses through her body. So I wanted to ask you to pray as she gets it. She gets one at 6:30 and one at 8:30 Arizona time of course. So if you are awake we would love for you to pray specifically for her at those times. Pray for the severe stomach pains, pray for when her body has no immune function, pray for her liver, kidneys and hearing and pray for protection against any other malignancies in the future. We know Jesus loves the prayers of his people. So thank you for joining us in this."

Be in prayer for Mikayla and her little brother as they prepare for her bone marrow transplant.

Stellan is in the hospital, he has had another relapse of SVT. This time has been the worst yet, please pray for this little man!

Philip has an appointment with the specialist today. Please pray for him, he is having a lot of pain.


This is Colton; he is 3 years old and is dying from brain cancer. It looks like he is almost ready to go home to Jesus. Please lift this family up in their last days with their son.

This is Tyce; he is about 2 weeks old (now) and had to have emergency surgery on his intestines, they were twisted. Please pray for this little one, and that he can begin to keep some liquids down.

If you keep up with Jonah's blog, I'm sure you've seen Patrice's request to pray for Tripp who also has EB. I wanted to add him to our prayer list.

This request for Brittany is from April:

"My friend's sister-in-law, Brittany, has leukemia. She was diagnosed in Oct 2008 and was doing great, but now the chemo is no longer doing the job and Brittany is in need of lots of prayer."

This is Olive. She was born in September, VERY premature. Her parents are missionaries in Thailand, and really need some prayers for their daughter, and themselves too. (I apologize for the delay in getting this request posted.)


Maryn's mom is asking for help with their needs. If you feel led, stop by and see how you can help.

Go check out Dylan's blog if you would like to support his family in the "Light the Night Walk".

Tuesday, October 27, 2009



Don't forget Brinley's lemonade stand is this Saturday, the 31st. Visit her blog to see how you can donate!


Pray for the Tolbert family; the delivery of their daughter is now only 10 days away. Pray for peace and for everything to go just perfect!

As Jenny is enjoying her new little one, be in prayer for her as she is still grieving for Isaiah.

Please continue prayers for Eden to tolerate her feedings better.

Pray for Gavin and his family. They are having to make some tough decisions about his care, and his future. Also pray for his big sister during this hard time.

Kate begins another round of chemo today. Be in prayer for her, and for her organs to handle the chemo well. Plase also pray for wisdom for mom and dad!

Little Olivia went to be with Jesus yesterday morning. Please be in prayer for her family.

Pray for Dylan and for the doctors, for wisdom about how to help with his fussiness. Also for progress in his feedings.

Please pray for Noah, he has taken another turn for the worse.

I have some new requests to add, I will hopefully get to them tomorrow!

Friday, October 23, 2009


URGENT PRAYERS NEEDED: Please pray for Noah; he is very, very sick and needs lot's of prayers right now. Please lift him up!

I just wanted to mention that if you are struggling with infertility, go visit these blogs: the Sheldon's and the Pifer's. Elaine and Tiffany write some AMAZING posts on the topic, and they both have such wisdom to share. I really get a huge blessing from reading their blogs, and I have never personally struggled with infertility. They really are annointed women of God!

Pray for Kristen this week; she started her injections yesterday!

Pray for Ashley to be protected from sickness, her big sister has the flu and it would be very difficult on her to get sick. Pray that she stays well!!

Audra is in the hospital again and needs prayers; she still has some pneumonia that needs to be cleared up and has been pretty sick.

Beckham has been ill and is still recovering, please pray for quick healing!

Continue to pray for Eden to tolerate her feedings better, and for good results from her eye surgery.

Pray for Elise, she has the H1N1 virus. Pray for quick healing!

Pray that Gaines will begin making good progress with his head control and other milestones.

Gavin is having symptoms of being septic, pray for healing.

Pray for Isaiah as he fights a virus.

Pray for James, his ANC was low, pray for no fevers or infections!

Please pray for Maryn and her family, who are all having a really hard time right now. Leave an encouraging comment if you can.

Continue prayers for Olivia, who, as of Tuesday, was on her 25th day of life with her family! (Thanks to all of you who sent me the link to her blog. I don't know what was wrong with the link I had!!!)

Pray for Rebekah, she has a cold. Pray for quick healing!

Pray for the Tellinghuisen family as they go through a lot of research and genetic testing, and that they can find some help and answers for their two little ones.<

Dylan has engraftment testing in a few weeks; please pray for 100% donor cells! Also pray for feeding issues and his tummy.

Pray for Jonah! He is having a lot of eating issues still, and they are trying to avoid a feeding tube. Please cover this little one with lots of prayers!

Reagan needs lots of prayers too; she is still having lots of seizures and isn't feeling well at all.

Pray for Veiyah who is also now in the hospital. She is having lots of heart issues.

Lots of little ones needing prayers today. Lets lift them up to our Father, who knows exactly what they need.

Monday, October 19, 2009



This is Hannah; she is four years old and just very recently she was diagnosed with leukemia. She has also had a few strokes, and is not able to control her body. She has had some really tough times, and really needs our prayers.

This is Brody; he is 19 months old, and while at the babysitters, he crawled through a doggy door and fell into the pool. Please add him to your prayers!


Request from Nevaeh's momma:

"Please pray for Nevaeh, she is having a rough time with this last chemo treatment. The doses were raised and she has been having a rough week due to it. She is losing lots of weight too. The doctors are concerned. We are doing all we can to get her to eat, but nothing is really working. We are trying liquids high in calories and she is drinking them some. This is a hard time for the family. She is looking weaker and paler and so much thinner. She starts a NRE cycle next week that is a rough cycle. We are praying that all goes well for her. Please keep us in your prayers."

Please pray for Michelle, she lost the baby Thursday night. Please pray for this family, and leave some encouragement for them.

Jess had an ultrasound and visit with the specialist on Thursday, and everything looks great! Please remember them in your prayers as delivery draws closer, and as they are still missing little Cora.

Brayden begins another round of chemo today. Pray for protection for his heart and organs, and from infection.

Pray for Eden today, they are doing some tests on her bowels to see if there is an obstruction. Please pray that whatever they find does not require surgery.

Elijah and his family needs prayers. He was just diagnosed Cerebral Palsy, and his big brother is having tests run for Aspergers. Pray for this little family.

Prayers for Gaines:

"Also, I think that Gaines is making some progress with his head control and development. He's doing better about not holding his head so far back and has been playing with his toys a good bit. Please keep this prayer request in mind this week...I really would love it if you all would pray for his head control to keep developing. He has to get that down before he can master sitting up, standing, walking etc. I'll feel so much better about things once we have that under control. Its probably my biggest concern right now...he's doing great on his oxygen."

Be in prayer for Gavin, he is still having a lot of struggles, especially with sleeping. Pray for rest for his body!

JJ is having surgery tomorrow to replace his shunt. Be in prayer for him.

Pray for Joshua, he is in so much pain right now, and not eating well. Please also pray for his family during this stressful time.

Lindsay has been in the hospital since last Wednesday. They thought she was rejecting her heart, but she isn't, praise God! She is still there, and they are trying to figure some more things out, so please pray that she will be able to go home soon.

Mikayla has the flu, please pray for her to get well soon!


Little Ezekiel made his entrance into the world on Friday, thank you Lord for miracles!

NOTE: Olivia, the newborn with Trisomy, the link to her blog is now broken, and I cannot find the right address. Does anyone know about this? If you left the comment to add them to the prayer list, can you help? Thanks!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Pray for Kristen this week, she is trying a new medication.

Jenny is scheduled to have her c-section this Friday! Please pray for safety for her, and for little Ezekiel.

Remember Brayden during this new chemo treatment; for protection from mouth sores, and from side effects from steroids. Also for all the nausea that comes with it.

Eden will be having surgery on her eyes Friday. Here are some specific prayer requests:

"Please pray that God will protect her vision and those tiny eyes. Please pray that the surgery will go perfectly, with no complications for her tiny body. We are not sure yet, but are assuming that they will re-intubate her in order to give pain meds - please pray that this will not cause any further damage to her lungs and that she'll come off of it and be back to her current respiratory rock-star status. We are kind of stressed about this whole thing, but are begging God to protect her sight...
Please pray!!"

Mikayla has a bone marrow aspirate test this week to see if there are any leukemia cells. Please pray for good results!

Pray for Dylan; he is having feeding and breathing issues.

Pray for Jaxson, he is having surgery tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New prayer request

I received this prayer request today from Michelle. Let's lift her up in prayer, and send her some love and encouragement!

"Could you please pass on a prayer request for myself? My name is Michelle and I am 32 years old. I live in the UK with my husband and 6 month old son. I have a rare blood condition called afibrinogenemia (no fibrinogen to clot my blood). I just recently found out I am pregnant again, about 6 weeks. The national health system (NHS) here in England is refusing to treat me until they get approval from the trust to fund another pregnancy. Without treatment I will miscarry my baby and almost did this past Friday, I started bleeding and lost 1 pint of blood. But thanking God that the pregnancy is still hanging on. The doctors have seen a gestational sac but have not seen the baby yet. Please pray that God will guide the NHS Trust committee in the right direction to allow us to give life to this wonderful blessing and not refuse us as I will miscarry because fibrinogen is needed to keep the pregnancy in place. Please pray I don't miscarry before they make a decision. Thank you and God Bless."

Monday, October 12, 2009


Pray for Stephanie and little baby Sadie. Her last ultrasound showed some fluid on Sadie's heart, and possibly a small hole. Be in prayer for health and safety as her due date draws near.

Brayden begins his last 2 month round of chemo today. Pray that his heart stays protected during this time, and for his spianl fluid draw to be clear of leukemia cells.

JJ is in the hospital with an infected shunt; they are going to do surgery and replace it. Please keep this little one in your prayers!

Pray for Kate! She is in a lot of pain from sores in her mouth and tummy from the chemo. She has also been running fevers.

Baby KJ has just been diagnosed with hip dysplasia. Be in prayer that this can be corrected without surgery.

Olivia is at 16 days old, and still with her family! Please keep praying for her!

Dylan is having an MRI today, please pray for comfort during this, that his little body will handle the anesthesia well, and for good results.

Baby Sam has a follow up ECO on his heart today, pray for continued good health.

Pray for Pierce, he is in the hospital with an infection in his central line.


Brinley's family is having a Lemonade Stand fundraiser on October 31st. Visit her blog to see how you can help!

There are some exciting things going on with Gavin and his family! Visit their blog for more information on Gavin's House, and how you might be able to help! Most importantly, let's pray for them during this time!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday: Update on Angel Families

Please continue to pray for all the angel families..... Even though there is not always a post, I know they need continuous prayer.

Thank you to everyone who prays for these hurting families.

Veiyah's miracle

Thursday, October 8, 2009


I just realized this post was dated Sunday, I don't know how that happened!!


I removed the "Cora's Playground" donation button....if you've been keeping up with the Mac's blog, Cora's playground has been completed, and they celebrated the dedication a few weeks ago. Go here for pictures and a beautiful post about the dedication. Also, go here to visit Cora's Shop!

Eden is still having problems; she either has a urinary tract infection, or an intestinal problem. Pray for wisdom for the doctors, and quick healing for little Eden!

Continue to pray for Gavin as he is still very sick; pray that they will find out exactly what the problems are.

For an update on Noah's, visit their blog. They will not be able to post anymore about his status until after the trial, but will be continuin their blog in another specail way. Please visit and pray about contributing to this precious families blog! Also keep them in your prayers from now, until December when the trial will take place.

Today is Olivia's 12th day of life! Keep praying for her and her family.

Keep Reagan in your prayers; she is not doing well with her new medicine.

Sunday, October 4, 2009



Please pray for the Ray family. Their beautiful 10 year old daughter, Olivia, was hit by a car yesterday and went to be with Jesus. The Ray family are a huge part of the YWAM ministries. Please remember them.

This is Baby Olivia; she was diagnosed with Trisomy 18, and is now 9 days old. Please pray for her and her family!

This is Audra; she had a tumor in her brain, Medulloblastoma, that has been removed but she is still struggling with a lot of health issues. Let's add her to our prayers.

This is Layla; she has Neuroblastoma and is currently undergoing chemo and radiation. Let's pray for her!

This is Dylan; he was diagnosed at 8 weeks old with infant leukemia. Pray for Dylan!

New button for Jess's page! (The Macs)

Please pray for Eden who is still having some breathing and reflux issues.

Gavin was admitted to the hospital over the weekend, and is not doing well. Please pray for him!

Isaiah needs prayers, he has a possible abscess of fluid in his abdominal area. Tomorrow they will do an x-ray to see what is going on. Pray for quick healing and for his pain.

Kate is having a lot of pain and nausea during this chemo treatment. Please be in prayer for her.

Waverly and Oliver are off to DisneyWorld this week for a Mak-A-Wish vacation! Pray for safety, and HEALTH!

Please pray for Reagan, that this new medication she is on will continue to help her seizures.

I changed the button for Philip; his Caring Bridge site is not updated very often, so I added his family blog instead. Please continue praying for Philip, he is having a very hard time.

This is Franchesca Cox, and her blog, Handprints From Heaven. She lost her little girl, Jenna Belle, 4 months ago. She has a ministry, called Abiding Hope Collages.

Here is what her ministry is all about:

"In honor of my firstborn Jenna Belle, who we were so blessed to have for 13 days, I would like to help bereaved parents by creating a Hope Collage of their child's name. This cause is dedicated to those parents around the world who have had to say goodbye to their babies too soon."

Thank you, Franchesca, for your precious ministry!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Pray for Brinley this week; she is on her Make A Wish trip to Disneyworld with her family. Pray for NO FEVERS!

There is a possibility that Christian is having seizures. Please pray for a good result of the EEG; no seizures!

Pray for Eden; she has viral pneumonia. Pray for quick healing.

Gaines is having a lot of issues with spitting up, pray that this will clear up. Also pray for protection for him during RSV season.

Pray for James during this current dose of steroids.

Here is a new blog site for JJ! Keep him in your prayers.

Joshua needs prayers, he is having a rough time, and lots of back pain.

Prayers for Kate:

"Kate will get two chemo medications tonight. Please again pray for her continued protection, specifically for her kidneys and bladder. And continue to pray for the ones from last night as just because the medication has been given doesn't mean the side effects are done. Thank you for covering her in your prayers. Pray also for our family as we miss being all together. Thank you."

Today was Mikayla's last day of chemo for this round. Pray for remission after this!

Nevaeh's mom requested prayers: She has an appointment on Friday and they will be doing doing a spinal tap, a bone marrow biopsy, and chemo. Her momma has to take her to this appointment alone, pray for strength for both of them, and for good test results!

Go check out Baby Sam's blog for an AWESOME praise report!

Charity had another surgery today...pray that all went well!

Pray for Jonah's foot, he has a really bad blister on it, and it's causing him a lot of pain. Pray for quick healing!