Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Pray for Kristen this week, she is trying a new medication.

Jenny is scheduled to have her c-section this Friday! Please pray for safety for her, and for little Ezekiel.

Remember Brayden during this new chemo treatment; for protection from mouth sores, and from side effects from steroids. Also for all the nausea that comes with it.

Eden will be having surgery on her eyes Friday. Here are some specific prayer requests:

"Please pray that God will protect her vision and those tiny eyes. Please pray that the surgery will go perfectly, with no complications for her tiny body. We are not sure yet, but are assuming that they will re-intubate her in order to give pain meds - please pray that this will not cause any further damage to her lungs and that she'll come off of it and be back to her current respiratory rock-star status. We are kind of stressed about this whole thing, but are begging God to protect her sight...
Please pray!!"

Mikayla has a bone marrow aspirate test this week to see if there are any leukemia cells. Please pray for good results!

Pray for Dylan; he is having feeding and breathing issues.

Pray for Jaxson, he is having surgery tomorrow!


  1. Please pray for Nevaeh ,she is haveing arough time with this last cheom treatment.The doses were raised and she has been haveign arough week due to it.SHe is loseing lots of wieght too.the doctors are concerned.we are doing all we can to get her to eat,bit nothing is really working.We are trying liquids high in calories and she is drinking them some.This is a hard time for the family.She is looking weaker and paler and so much thinner.She starts a nre cycle next week that is a rough cycle.We are praying that all goes well for her.Please keep us in your prayers.

  2. Thanks to everyone for your prayers but we lost the baby on Thursday night. Take care and god bless.


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