Friday, October 23, 2009


URGENT PRAYERS NEEDED: Please pray for Noah; he is very, very sick and needs lot's of prayers right now. Please lift him up!

I just wanted to mention that if you are struggling with infertility, go visit these blogs: the Sheldon's and the Pifer's. Elaine and Tiffany write some AMAZING posts on the topic, and they both have such wisdom to share. I really get a huge blessing from reading their blogs, and I have never personally struggled with infertility. They really are annointed women of God!

Pray for Kristen this week; she started her injections yesterday!

Pray for Ashley to be protected from sickness, her big sister has the flu and it would be very difficult on her to get sick. Pray that she stays well!!

Audra is in the hospital again and needs prayers; she still has some pneumonia that needs to be cleared up and has been pretty sick.

Beckham has been ill and is still recovering, please pray for quick healing!

Continue to pray for Eden to tolerate her feedings better, and for good results from her eye surgery.

Pray for Elise, she has the H1N1 virus. Pray for quick healing!

Pray that Gaines will begin making good progress with his head control and other milestones.

Gavin is having symptoms of being septic, pray for healing.

Pray for Isaiah as he fights a virus.

Pray for James, his ANC was low, pray for no fevers or infections!

Please pray for Maryn and her family, who are all having a really hard time right now. Leave an encouraging comment if you can.

Continue prayers for Olivia, who, as of Tuesday, was on her 25th day of life with her family! (Thanks to all of you who sent me the link to her blog. I don't know what was wrong with the link I had!!!)

Pray for Rebekah, she has a cold. Pray for quick healing!

Pray for the Tellinghuisen family as they go through a lot of research and genetic testing, and that they can find some help and answers for their two little ones.<

Dylan has engraftment testing in a few weeks; please pray for 100% donor cells! Also pray for feeding issues and his tummy.

Pray for Jonah! He is having a lot of eating issues still, and they are trying to avoid a feeding tube. Please cover this little one with lots of prayers!

Reagan needs lots of prayers too; she is still having lots of seizures and isn't feeling well at all.

Pray for Veiyah who is also now in the hospital. She is having lots of heart issues.

Lots of little ones needing prayers today. Lets lift them up to our Father, who knows exactly what they need.


  1. Not sure if my last comment went through or if Olive is already on here!!

  2. Baby Olivia passed away this morning.

  3. I was wanting to see if you could add a new prayer request to the page. My friend's sister-in-law, Brittany, has leukemia. She was diagnosed in Oct 2008 and was doing great, but now the chemo is no longer doing the job and Brittany is in need of lots of prayer. Here is a link to Brittany's sister-in-law's blogpage with the latest update on Brittany.

    Brittany has a blogpage that a friend set up, but it isn't updated often. here is the link to that page so you can have more information.

    Thanks so much.


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