Thursday, October 8, 2009


I just realized this post was dated Sunday, I don't know how that happened!!


I removed the "Cora's Playground" donation button....if you've been keeping up with the Mac's blog, Cora's playground has been completed, and they celebrated the dedication a few weeks ago. Go here for pictures and a beautiful post about the dedication. Also, go here to visit Cora's Shop!

Eden is still having problems; she either has a urinary tract infection, or an intestinal problem. Pray for wisdom for the doctors, and quick healing for little Eden!

Continue to pray for Gavin as he is still very sick; pray that they will find out exactly what the problems are.

For an update on Noah's, visit their blog. They will not be able to post anymore about his status until after the trial, but will be continuin their blog in another specail way. Please visit and pray about contributing to this precious families blog! Also keep them in your prayers from now, until December when the trial will take place.

Today is Olivia's 12th day of life! Keep praying for her and her family.

Keep Reagan in your prayers; she is not doing well with her new medicine.

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  1. Thank you for posting Jenna Belle's name in the Angel Family list! And for adding Hope Collages to your site. Your blog is a beautiful way to reach out and bear eachother's burdens.



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