Monday, October 19, 2009



This is Hannah; she is four years old and just very recently she was diagnosed with leukemia. She has also had a few strokes, and is not able to control her body. She has had some really tough times, and really needs our prayers.

This is Brody; he is 19 months old, and while at the babysitters, he crawled through a doggy door and fell into the pool. Please add him to your prayers!


Request from Nevaeh's momma:

"Please pray for Nevaeh, she is having a rough time with this last chemo treatment. The doses were raised and she has been having a rough week due to it. She is losing lots of weight too. The doctors are concerned. We are doing all we can to get her to eat, but nothing is really working. We are trying liquids high in calories and she is drinking them some. This is a hard time for the family. She is looking weaker and paler and so much thinner. She starts a NRE cycle next week that is a rough cycle. We are praying that all goes well for her. Please keep us in your prayers."

Please pray for Michelle, she lost the baby Thursday night. Please pray for this family, and leave some encouragement for them.

Jess had an ultrasound and visit with the specialist on Thursday, and everything looks great! Please remember them in your prayers as delivery draws closer, and as they are still missing little Cora.

Brayden begins another round of chemo today. Pray for protection for his heart and organs, and from infection.

Pray for Eden today, they are doing some tests on her bowels to see if there is an obstruction. Please pray that whatever they find does not require surgery.

Elijah and his family needs prayers. He was just diagnosed Cerebral Palsy, and his big brother is having tests run for Aspergers. Pray for this little family.

Prayers for Gaines:

"Also, I think that Gaines is making some progress with his head control and development. He's doing better about not holding his head so far back and has been playing with his toys a good bit. Please keep this prayer request in mind this week...I really would love it if you all would pray for his head control to keep developing. He has to get that down before he can master sitting up, standing, walking etc. I'll feel so much better about things once we have that under control. Its probably my biggest concern right now...he's doing great on his oxygen."

Be in prayer for Gavin, he is still having a lot of struggles, especially with sleeping. Pray for rest for his body!

JJ is having surgery tomorrow to replace his shunt. Be in prayer for him.

Pray for Joshua, he is in so much pain right now, and not eating well. Please also pray for his family during this stressful time.

Lindsay has been in the hospital since last Wednesday. They thought she was rejecting her heart, but she isn't, praise God! She is still there, and they are trying to figure some more things out, so please pray that she will be able to go home soon.

Mikayla has the flu, please pray for her to get well soon!


Little Ezekiel made his entrance into the world on Friday, thank you Lord for miracles!

NOTE: Olivia, the newborn with Trisomy, the link to her blog is now broken, and I cannot find the right address. Does anyone know about this? If you left the comment to add them to the prayer list, can you help? Thanks!


  1. Here is Olivia's blog address.....I hope it helps :0)


    Olivias Blog

  3. If this the blog you are talking about:

  4. This link works for me for Olivia...

  5. Here is the link to Olivia's Blog.

  6. please add little olive to your prayers
    her parents are doing missionary work and olive came way too early. she needs our prayers and her parents as well!
    thank you!!


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