Friday, October 30, 2009


Pray for Kristen; she is having reactions on her abdomen from her injections. Pray they clear up quickly.

Audra is having complications with her breathing, please pray for her.

Continue to pray for Brayden during this last round of chemo. It's tough on his body, and hard with the holidays coming up.

Brayden Alexander has a cold, please pray he gets well soon, and it doesn't get worse.

Eden's eye exam is today. Please pray for good results, and that she handles it well.

Please pray for Emerson, she is back in the PICU...they are not sure yet what is wrong, but she is pretty sick.

Gaines is in the hospital with a cold. Please pray that it doesn't go into his lungs!

Continue to pray for Gavin and his family during this time with him. Please also pray for wisdom on how to control his pain.

James is not feeling well and is running a fever. Pray for quick healing!

Continue prayers for Joshua, and wisdom for the doctors to know how to help him best.

Prayers for Kate:

"This round I have been praying every time I give Kate her chemo. Giving the drugs brings grief knowing the potential risks and in the same breath hope knowing it is destroying the tumor cells. So I pray as it courses through her body. So I wanted to ask you to pray as she gets it. She gets one at 6:30 and one at 8:30 Arizona time of course. So if you are awake we would love for you to pray specifically for her at those times. Pray for the severe stomach pains, pray for when her body has no immune function, pray for her liver, kidneys and hearing and pray for protection against any other malignancies in the future. We know Jesus loves the prayers of his people. So thank you for joining us in this."

Be in prayer for Mikayla and her little brother as they prepare for her bone marrow transplant.

Stellan is in the hospital, he has had another relapse of SVT. This time has been the worst yet, please pray for this little man!

Philip has an appointment with the specialist today. Please pray for him, he is having a lot of pain.


This is Colton; he is 3 years old and is dying from brain cancer. It looks like he is almost ready to go home to Jesus. Please lift this family up in their last days with their son.

This is Tyce; he is about 2 weeks old (now) and had to have emergency surgery on his intestines, they were twisted. Please pray for this little one, and that he can begin to keep some liquids down.

If you keep up with Jonah's blog, I'm sure you've seen Patrice's request to pray for Tripp who also has EB. I wanted to add him to our prayer list.

This request for Brittany is from April:

"My friend's sister-in-law, Brittany, has leukemia. She was diagnosed in Oct 2008 and was doing great, but now the chemo is no longer doing the job and Brittany is in need of lots of prayer."

This is Olive. She was born in September, VERY premature. Her parents are missionaries in Thailand, and really need some prayers for their daughter, and themselves too. (I apologize for the delay in getting this request posted.)


Maryn's mom is asking for help with their needs. If you feel led, stop by and see how you can help.

Go check out Dylan's blog if you would like to support his family in the "Light the Night Walk".


  1. I have another baby I would like you to add to the list. It's so very sad and I have been praying for her and her family. I am sure they could need even more prayers. Lets ask God for some guidance for them and that the financial things work out, so that they can care for their precious and beautiful daughter Chloe. She was born in april with facial abnormalties and she has a v-trach to breath!

    Thank you so much for this page. Lets lift all those families up in our prayers.


    ok I think I forgot the link. Sorry!


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