Monday, October 12, 2009


Pray for Stephanie and little baby Sadie. Her last ultrasound showed some fluid on Sadie's heart, and possibly a small hole. Be in prayer for health and safety as her due date draws near.

Brayden begins his last 2 month round of chemo today. Pray that his heart stays protected during this time, and for his spianl fluid draw to be clear of leukemia cells.

JJ is in the hospital with an infected shunt; they are going to do surgery and replace it. Please keep this little one in your prayers!

Pray for Kate! She is in a lot of pain from sores in her mouth and tummy from the chemo. She has also been running fevers.

Baby KJ has just been diagnosed with hip dysplasia. Be in prayer that this can be corrected without surgery.

Olivia is at 16 days old, and still with her family! Please keep praying for her!

Dylan is having an MRI today, please pray for comfort during this, that his little body will handle the anesthesia well, and for good results.

Baby Sam has a follow up ECO on his heart today, pray for continued good health.

Pray for Pierce, he is in the hospital with an infection in his central line.


Brinley's family is having a Lemonade Stand fundraiser on October 31st. Visit her blog to see how you can help!

There are some exciting things going on with Gavin and his family! Visit their blog for more information on Gavin's House, and how you might be able to help! Most importantly, let's pray for them during this time!

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  1. Could you please pass on a prayer request for myself. My name is Michelle and I am 32 years old. I live in the UK with my husband and 6 month old son. I have a rare blood condition called afibrinogenemia ( no fibrinogen to clot my blood). I just recently found out I am pregnant again, about 6 weeks. The national health system NHS here in England is refusing to treat me until they get approval from the trust to fund another pregnancy. Without treatment I will miscarry my baby and almost did this past Friday, I started bleeding and lost 1 pint of blood. But thanking god that the pregnancy is still hanging on. The doctors have seen a gestational sac but have not seen the baby yet. Please pray that god will guide the NHS Trust committee in the right direction to allow us to give life to this wonderful blessing and not refuse us as I will miscarry because fibrinogen in needed to keep the pregnancy in place. Please pray I don't miscarry before they make a decision. Thank you and God Bless


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