Thursday, October 1, 2009


Pray for Brinley this week; she is on her Make A Wish trip to Disneyworld with her family. Pray for NO FEVERS!

There is a possibility that Christian is having seizures. Please pray for a good result of the EEG; no seizures!

Pray for Eden; she has viral pneumonia. Pray for quick healing.

Gaines is having a lot of issues with spitting up, pray that this will clear up. Also pray for protection for him during RSV season.

Pray for James during this current dose of steroids.

Here is a new blog site for JJ! Keep him in your prayers.

Joshua needs prayers, he is having a rough time, and lots of back pain.

Prayers for Kate:

"Kate will get two chemo medications tonight. Please again pray for her continued protection, specifically for her kidneys and bladder. And continue to pray for the ones from last night as just because the medication has been given doesn't mean the side effects are done. Thank you for covering her in your prayers. Pray also for our family as we miss being all together. Thank you."

Today was Mikayla's last day of chemo for this round. Pray for remission after this!

Nevaeh's mom requested prayers: She has an appointment on Friday and they will be doing doing a spinal tap, a bone marrow biopsy, and chemo. Her momma has to take her to this appointment alone, pray for strength for both of them, and for good test results!

Go check out Baby Sam's blog for an AWESOME praise report!

Charity had another surgery today...pray that all went well!

Pray for Jonah's foot, he has a really bad blister on it, and it's causing him a lot of pain. Pray for quick healing!



    Audra had a neuroblastoma. She's made it through surgery and chemo and is now home, but with alot of problems and has now had a seizure. Her mom could use some encouragement.

  2. I would love it if you could include this blog on your site:

    Friend's of ours daughter was diagnosed inutero with Trisomy 18 and is already defying the odds and has made it to a week old.

    Prayer would be greatly appriciated by all.


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