Monday, January 25, 2010


Continue praying for Baby Sunshine at Elaine's blog; that all involved would make the right decision for this little one.

Keep praying for Ashley as she is still recovering from her tummy bug and cold.

Beckham is in the hospital with RSV, please be in prayer for him.

Pray for Brayden as he is still recovering from being sick, as well.

Brinley's mom is in Washington DC this week for Cure Search, lobbying Congress for more funding for childhood cancer research. Please pray for her this week!

Brody is sick with bacterial pneumonia. Please pray for quick healing!

Continue to pray for Eden's reflux and breathing problems.

Elijah will be having eye surgery soon, please be in prayer for this.

Please pray for Jacob, he is in the hospital with pneumonia.

Pray for Joshua, he is in the hospital with shunt problems, and is in a lot of pain. His doctor is in Haiti this week so they are waiting on her to return. Please pray that he stays stable until they can operate on him, and for healing!

Continue prayers for Kate and her parents as they still have decisions to make concerning her treatment. Also she will be having a 3 1/2 hour PET scan tomorrow.

Please be in prayer for Layla and her family. They just found out that her cancer is getting worse and there is nothing they can do. Please pray for peace, and for wisdom on her treatment the next few months. Also don't stop praying for a miracle!

Little Olive went to be with Jesus on Friday. Please be in prayer for her family during this time.

Go here to read about an opportunity to help Noah's family.

I wanted to mention Linden's blog. Her mom, Bianca, has been posting about different babies and children with Downs Syndrome that are in desperate need of being adopted. Please stop by, take a look at them, and pray.

Reagan still needs extra prayers, she is having so many seizures.


This is Avalon. Brinley's mom requested prayer for her on their blog, and I wanted to add her to our list. Please take a few minutes to read her story, and say a prayer for her. She will be having surgery Wednesday (the 27th).

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Continue praying for Elaine's friends and for Baby Sunshine, that all involved will make the right decisions for her care.

Please pray for Ashley, she has been sick this week. Pray for quick healing and for it to not go into anything worse!

Brayden has also been sick this week, pray for a quick recovery for him.

Chloe's family is still having trouble getting help from nurses, pray that this situation resolves and they get the help they need.

Pray for Eden's reflux and choking issues, that they will clear up.

Prayer requests for Gaines:

"His legs are still improving but are still not there yet. There is still some tightness in his hamstrings. So, I'm asking for that specific prayer request. Please pray that at his next appointment in a few weeks, his hamstrings are not as tight. So far Gaines has overcome every obstacle he's had and I pray that this will be the case with this. Also, please pray that Gaines avoids Reed's cold. Reed has a pretty good cough and runny nose that I'm hoping we can keep Gaines from catching."

Continue prayers for Kate and her family as they make decision regarding her care and if they should attempt surgery. Pray for wisdom and understanding!

Pray for Noah and his family as they are in court today continuing the trial. Pray for peace.

Rebekah is still in the hospital with feeding tube issues. Pray the doctors can quickly figure out what is wrong!

Aidan has a bad respiratory illness, please pray for quick healing for him.

Pray for Waverly and Oliver who have battling the flu for several weeks now. Pray for healing!

Continue praying for Noah's leg, and for healing.

Ava has been sick and running high fevers. Pray for healing for her!

Don't forget all the babies and families in Haiti! This request is from Rhyan who is stationed at an orphange in Haiti:

"PLEASE! Pray for our babies in Haiti. I am at an orphanage here and we are located only 10 miles from the epicenter of this weeks DEVASTATING earthquake!"

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Pray for Jacob who has come down with pneumonia.

Pray for Kate's mom and dad and the doctor's as they make some very important decisions concerning her care and treatment.

Olive had surgery this week to repair her shunt. Please pray that there is no infection!

Rebekah has been in the hospital this week with some feeding tube issues, please pray for quick healing.

Pray for Noah, he is having severe pain in his leg.

Abby is still having bad headaches, please pray for her.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


There is a family that is needing our prayers over at Elaine's blog. Please go read their story and pray for this family!

Specific prayer requests for Brayden:

"Please join us in praying for relief for Brayden. He’s been in a lot of pain over the last week in his lower back, his ribs. He has a lot of trouble walking at times. We’re also praying for safe travels to Little Rock Wednesday and that the weather will hold out for us to make it there and back. We’re praying his bone marrow is able to kick in and keep new, baby, healthy cells growing. We pray for peace for Brayden's heart and his resiliency he's exhibited to keep propelling him forward. We pray for happier times for Brayden to renew his sweet spirit so he can continue this journey."

Here are two requests that Brayden H.'s momma had posted on his blog, and I wanted to pass them on:

"*please say some big prayers for a dear friend, Angela, and her family who are a part of the hydranencep​haly online support group I have become close to. They had to say goodbye to their 4 year old little girl two mornings ago when she gained her angel wings after an unexpected and very tragic accident... RIP sweet angel ^^Emily^^.

*I also need a little prayer for a hydran sweetie, Addison, whose mommy Heather just posted that she remains in the hospital with breathing complicatio​ns. She has been in there for a little while, however things are not looking up right now. Pray she can overcome this obstacle and get back home and to her happy little self soon..."

Pray for Chloe and her family, that situations with getting help with nigh nurses will be resolved, and they can get the assitance they need.

Eden has had a virus this week, pray for quick healing and that it does not go into anything worse. Pray her lungs stay protected.

Pray for Emerson as they treat her heart for new issues they found, and for upcoming tests.

Please pray for Kate and her family. They did not receive good news on her MRI. Please pray over this family!!!

Go help Maryn win $10,000 to go towards the cost of her treatments!

Keep Noah's family in your prayers, the trial is next week on the 11th and 13th.

Olive is having more problems with her head, and her breathing. Please pray for healing for her!

Continue prayers for Rebekah, for her heart and lungs, and her feeding issues. Here is another specific request:

"Please pray with us that Rebekah will fight off any little colds and stay healthy. And please pray that if we do go to Charleston, the logistics will be worked out (care for the boys, transportation, finances, lodging, etc.)."

Button for Jonah's auction and fundraiser!

Keep praying for Reagan, that they can resolve her tummy and sleeping problem.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Settings change

Hi prayer friends! I just wanted to let you all know that I changed the comment settings. I have been getting a ton of spam comments, and some of them are pretty bad, so I turned off anonymous comments. I know that a lot of you have posted prayer requests under anonymous, and I don't want that to deter you from posting, so PLEASE keep posting! I made it so you just have to have an ID to post, so hopefully that will stop the spam. Thanks for faithfully praying!

Monday, January 4, 2010


The newest little Mac was born, Saturday Januray 2nd! Praise God for a healthy little baby boy! To find the Mac's blog click on "Cora" in the Angel Families column.

Pray for Brinley as she begins another round of chemo this week.

Kate's MRI is coming up very soon, pray for good results! Also she is having more problems with movement in her right side, pray for this to heal.

Olive had shunt placement surgery last week, and is having some problems. Please pray for a full recovery for her!

Rebekah has another cold, plase pray for quick healing and no complications!

Pray for Dylan, that his tummy issues will clear up and he can keep down his medications.

Visit Jonah's blog for a way to help raise money for DEBRA, and to celebrate Jonah's first birthday!

Reagan is having a surgical procedure done tomorrow, please pray it goes well. Also continue to pray for her tummy troubles.

Keep praying for Abby's headaches.


This is Brennon and this request is from his momma. Please pray for this little boy!

"I am needing prayers more than ever right now. I have a three year old named Brennon Layne and he has migraines and has to take meds daily to control them. He has been having several other problems so when we went to the Dr. she told me that he could have arthritis. My husband's family has Rheumatoid Arthritis. So they ran tests and yesterday I got a call from the Dr. saying that first thing Monday morning we needed to come in they needed to run more tests. So, we are needing your prayers and it would be awesome if you could let others know so they can pray for us as well."

This is Grace; she is recovering from a massive stroke in November. Please add her to your prayers!