Monday, January 25, 2010


Continue praying for Baby Sunshine at Elaine's blog; that all involved would make the right decision for this little one.

Keep praying for Ashley as she is still recovering from her tummy bug and cold.

Beckham is in the hospital with RSV, please be in prayer for him.

Pray for Brayden as he is still recovering from being sick, as well.

Brinley's mom is in Washington DC this week for Cure Search, lobbying Congress for more funding for childhood cancer research. Please pray for her this week!

Brody is sick with bacterial pneumonia. Please pray for quick healing!

Continue to pray for Eden's reflux and breathing problems.

Elijah will be having eye surgery soon, please be in prayer for this.

Please pray for Jacob, he is in the hospital with pneumonia.

Pray for Joshua, he is in the hospital with shunt problems, and is in a lot of pain. His doctor is in Haiti this week so they are waiting on her to return. Please pray that he stays stable until they can operate on him, and for healing!

Continue prayers for Kate and her parents as they still have decisions to make concerning her treatment. Also she will be having a 3 1/2 hour PET scan tomorrow.

Please be in prayer for Layla and her family. They just found out that her cancer is getting worse and there is nothing they can do. Please pray for peace, and for wisdom on her treatment the next few months. Also don't stop praying for a miracle!

Little Olive went to be with Jesus on Friday. Please be in prayer for her family during this time.

Go here to read about an opportunity to help Noah's family.

I wanted to mention Linden's blog. Her mom, Bianca, has been posting about different babies and children with Downs Syndrome that are in desperate need of being adopted. Please stop by, take a look at them, and pray.

Reagan still needs extra prayers, she is having so many seizures.


This is Avalon. Brinley's mom requested prayer for her on their blog, and I wanted to add her to our list. Please take a few minutes to read her story, and say a prayer for her. She will be having surgery Wednesday (the 27th).

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