Saturday, January 9, 2010


There is a family that is needing our prayers over at Elaine's blog. Please go read their story and pray for this family!

Specific prayer requests for Brayden:

"Please join us in praying for relief for Brayden. He’s been in a lot of pain over the last week in his lower back, his ribs. He has a lot of trouble walking at times. We’re also praying for safe travels to Little Rock Wednesday and that the weather will hold out for us to make it there and back. We’re praying his bone marrow is able to kick in and keep new, baby, healthy cells growing. We pray for peace for Brayden's heart and his resiliency he's exhibited to keep propelling him forward. We pray for happier times for Brayden to renew his sweet spirit so he can continue this journey."

Here are two requests that Brayden H.'s momma had posted on his blog, and I wanted to pass them on:

"*please say some big prayers for a dear friend, Angela, and her family who are a part of the hydranencep​haly online support group I have become close to. They had to say goodbye to their 4 year old little girl two mornings ago when she gained her angel wings after an unexpected and very tragic accident... RIP sweet angel ^^Emily^^.

*I also need a little prayer for a hydran sweetie, Addison, whose mommy Heather just posted that she remains in the hospital with breathing complicatio​ns. She has been in there for a little while, however things are not looking up right now. Pray she can overcome this obstacle and get back home and to her happy little self soon..."

Pray for Chloe and her family, that situations with getting help with nigh nurses will be resolved, and they can get the assitance they need.

Eden has had a virus this week, pray for quick healing and that it does not go into anything worse. Pray her lungs stay protected.

Pray for Emerson as they treat her heart for new issues they found, and for upcoming tests.

Please pray for Kate and her family. They did not receive good news on her MRI. Please pray over this family!!!

Go help Maryn win $10,000 to go towards the cost of her treatments!

Keep Noah's family in your prayers, the trial is next week on the 11th and 13th.

Olive is having more problems with her head, and her breathing. Please pray for healing for her!

Continue prayers for Rebekah, for her heart and lungs, and her feeding issues. Here is another specific request:

"Please pray with us that Rebekah will fight off any little colds and stay healthy. And please pray that if we do go to Charleston, the logistics will be worked out (care for the boys, transportation, finances, lodging, etc.)."

Button for Jonah's auction and fundraiser!

Keep praying for Reagan, that they can resolve her tummy and sleeping problem.

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