Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Continue praying for Elaine's friends and for Baby Sunshine, that all involved will make the right decisions for her care.

Please pray for Ashley, she has been sick this week. Pray for quick healing and for it to not go into anything worse!

Brayden has also been sick this week, pray for a quick recovery for him.

Chloe's family is still having trouble getting help from nurses, pray that this situation resolves and they get the help they need.

Pray for Eden's reflux and choking issues, that they will clear up.

Prayer requests for Gaines:

"His legs are still improving but are still not there yet. There is still some tightness in his hamstrings. So, I'm asking for that specific prayer request. Please pray that at his next appointment in a few weeks, his hamstrings are not as tight. So far Gaines has overcome every obstacle he's had and I pray that this will be the case with this. Also, please pray that Gaines avoids Reed's cold. Reed has a pretty good cough and runny nose that I'm hoping we can keep Gaines from catching."

Continue prayers for Kate and her family as they make decision regarding her care and if they should attempt surgery. Pray for wisdom and understanding!

Pray for Noah and his family as they are in court today continuing the trial. Pray for peace.

Rebekah is still in the hospital with feeding tube issues. Pray the doctors can quickly figure out what is wrong!

Aidan has a bad respiratory illness, please pray for quick healing for him.

Pray for Waverly and Oliver who have battling the flu for several weeks now. Pray for healing!

Continue praying for Noah's leg, and for healing.

Ava has been sick and running high fevers. Pray for healing for her!

Don't forget all the babies and families in Haiti! This request is from Rhyan who is stationed at an orphange in Haiti:

"PLEASE! Pray for our babies in Haiti. I am at an orphanage here and we are located only 10 miles from the epicenter of this weeks DEVASTATING earthquake!"


  1. Little Olive Hope went home to Jesus! Please be in prayers for her family!!

  2. I don't know if you heard yet, Olive passed away on friday night. I just checked her blog to see if she had gone home yet and she did, just not the home I was hoping that she had gone to. Please post the news. So sad. I feel so lucky as my daughter with hydrocephalus has had a perfectly working shunt for almost 2 years and is doing wonderful. I am so blessed.


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