Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Josiah's mom is asking for prayers for the family.  She does not want to get into specifics, but asks that we lift them up in prayer.

Phoebe's mom wanted us to know that while the MRI came back clean from cancer metastasis, Phoebe is still fighting her cancer.  They are on week 5 of a 52 week chemo protocol.  Pray that the fungal infection gets under control.

Kate's MRI has been moved up to this week due to some increasing symptoms.  Please pray for good results.

Jamie had some doctor's appointments yesterday and it was determined that she has no peripheral vision.  While this is not good news, it does explain some of the issues she has been having and they will be able to work within those parameters now to help Jamie in her recovery.

Noah's mom Kate has posted a long update on their blog.  Stop by and see how they are doing.

Ashley and Owen have been sick this month.  Pray that they will start to feel better and that Ashley can continue to deal with her PTSD from the death of her beloved husband, Bryan.

Tomorrow is "Gotcha Day!" for Matt and Lorraine and their newest boys!  Tomorrow, they leave the orphanage forever!!


Monday, February 27, 2012

Huge Praise!!!

Phoebe's MRI came back CLEAN!!!  Prayers are so powerful!  Continue to pray for her as she is still battling the fungal infection.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Another Urgent Request

I will be back with more updates later today but needed to get this out now. Phoebe needs all of your prayers. She is in ICU about to be intubated and have a PICC line inserted. Tests came back positive for fungal infection which is so serious, especially in her neutopenic state.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Urgent Prayer Request

Phoebe is in desperate need of prayer right now. She is back in ICU with what is tentatively neutropenic sepsis. She has no immune system currently to fight this off and is in a bad way. Please lift her and her family up in prayer as they fight this battle!

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Monday, February 20, 2012

A few updates

Hello all.  I apologize for the gap in updates.  Things have been a little busy here lately.  

Jamie continues to do well at home.  They just had a round of stomach flu come through but everyone seems to be on the mend.

A request for prayers for Phoebe:  Please pray for Phoebe. The Dr. is not pleased with her sleeping and drowsiness. Her Creatinine level has gone up which could be related to kidney damage as a side effect of the toxicity of the chemo. They are also concerned she might be fighting off an infection. Her sodium jumped back up to 155 and they are increasing her fluids to rehydrate her. He said we will not be going home as we thought we might because they have to keep a close eye on her now.

Matt & Lorraine have arrived back in the Ukraine after an eventful trip.

Ashley has a strange polka dotted rash.

Brayden has an appointment coming up with the neurologist.

Ella and family are waiting to hear from the surgical board as to whether they believe surgery will benefit her.

Please keep Grayson's family in your prayers.

Pray for the Cretzman family.   Please pray for the Cretzman family. They are missionaries to Cuba. They were in a bad accident last night, and lost their 3 year old girl in the accident. 

Jared's seizures are increasing and they really need our prayers.

Jonah and family enjoyed his first trip to the circus!


Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Updates

Shelby left this message in the comments.  Please keep them in your prayers:
 I have a request of my own tonight. 3 years ago my daughter was fighting for her life due to a carnatine deficiency that we had no idea she had. Tomorrow we go back down to that same hospital that saved her life because we just found out our youngest daughter has it too. This journey has been hard, but I realize that it could have been a lot harder. We also have another daughter, the oldest that will soon be tested also. Just asking for a few prayers to help us thru the day tomorrow and what ever may come our way with this
Phoebe is having some ups and downs.  She did get to enjoy a real bath today, which was great for everyone!

Eli is doing well.  He's working on using his walker and learning more sign language.

Joshua's back issues are progressing.  He has decided that he does not want to have more surgery.  Please be in prayer for him, and his mom.

Jared's seizures seem to be getting longer.  He is also crying a lot, from what they assume is pain.  Keep them in your prayers.

Ashley continues to do well for now.  Pray that this continues!

More updates tomorrow.


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Updates

I want to start off the blog tonight with an administrative note.  Please be aware that at no time will any type of negativity be tolerated.  Negative comments will be (and have been) deleted promptly.  Whatever feelings you have about a person or their situation, that is NOT the place to air it and it won't be entertained here at all.  This is for prayers and support ONLY.  And now to what we're really here to focus on:

Noah had an eventful week and is a hungry boy due to the steroids.  Unfortunately, he has to take all of his nutrition through TPN and his mom would really appreciate prayers in this area specifically.  More urgently, his g-tube is blocked.  They are waiting to hear from the nurse.

Jamie is adjusting to life at home.  They can use prayers in the area of finances, and they are in need of some help for Jamie on Thursdays.

Amy can use our prayers.  She is going through a very big life change.

Cici continues to work on communication.  Pray for her pain to lessen.

Matt & Lorraine have been delayed and cannot go back to the Ukraine for their boys until at least February 20.  Please keep them and their boys in your prayers as they wait to be reunited.

Jennifer is still in need of prayers as she and her family face their new circumstances.

I will be back tomorrow with some more updates.

Have a blessed night,

Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Night

Rebekah's family has been battling the “bugs” of winter.  Please pray for her brother as he has been sick for a few days and pray that Rebekah does not catch this nasty bug.  They also got some information back to help Rebekah with her aspiration. 
Taleah's counts have been low.  Her mother has asked that we all pray and lift up another family affected by Cancer.  Their story is similar to Taleah’s.  Please go pray for and lift up the Flamm Family.
Waverly and Oliver’s family is nearing their closing date.  Pray that all goes well in the next few weeks.
Wesley was able to get up to a 60 degree angle today (on his way to being vertical).  This was a huge success.  Keep praying for his recovery following his accident a week ago.
Witt is doing great but GrandDad has a recurrence of Cancer.   Lift their family up in prayer as they fight the fight once again with GrandDad at age 81.
Ava’s Mom is now trained to provide immediate medical care/attention; in the event of an emergency … It is a great thing!  Lots of freedom again to live life outside a medical facility!
Reagan is having some sleep troubles.  Keep their family in your prayers.
Zoey is getting ready to be a Kindergartner.  She is showing that nothing is impossible. 
The Riggs Family is nearing the end of their adoption journey.  They are thankful for the timing and pray for Patience as they prepare to leave their family in the United States for a bit to add on to their family unit. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Urgent Prayer Request

Please pray for Noah. His central line came out and they had to call 911. He will be having surgery tonight. They can use all of our prayers!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Update

Good Sunday to you all:

Please be in prayer for Wesley.  He is a 16-year-old boy who was in a skiing accident yesterday.  He has not had any feeling past his shoulders since the accident.  Pray for complete healing and strength for him and his family.

Jamie is HOME!!!  Simply amazing.  Continue praying for them.  They still have a long road ahead.

Pray for Phoebe.  She has a fever and a partial lung collapse.  She is dealing with constipation and vomiting which has added dehydration to the list.

Pray for Tricia.  She is in the hospital and her husband is now also sick.

Pray for Jenny.  She is having some trying financial and emotional times.

Grace is working on some occupational therapy issues and could use our prayers.

Pray for Jennifer and family as they are going through a very difficult time right now.

Please pray for Emerson as she is back in the hospital.

Pray for Bethany that her new medication would work and she would be able to discontinue steroids.

Josiah is having some trouble with sleeping.  Both he and his mom can use our prayers.

Matt & Lorraine are home for a few days before heading back to the Ukraine to bring their newest boys home for good!

As always, please leave any requests in the comments or send an email to safehavenblog@yahoo.com.