Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Night

Rebekah's family has been battling the “bugs” of winter.  Please pray for her brother as he has been sick for a few days and pray that Rebekah does not catch this nasty bug.  They also got some information back to help Rebekah with her aspiration. 
Taleah's counts have been low.  Her mother has asked that we all pray and lift up another family affected by Cancer.  Their story is similar to Taleah’s.  Please go pray for and lift up the Flamm Family.
Waverly and Oliver’s family is nearing their closing date.  Pray that all goes well in the next few weeks.
Wesley was able to get up to a 60 degree angle today (on his way to being vertical).  This was a huge success.  Keep praying for his recovery following his accident a week ago.
Witt is doing great but GrandDad has a recurrence of Cancer.   Lift their family up in prayer as they fight the fight once again with GrandDad at age 81.
Ava’s Mom is now trained to provide immediate medical care/attention; in the event of an emergency … It is a great thing!  Lots of freedom again to live life outside a medical facility!
Reagan is having some sleep troubles.  Keep their family in your prayers.
Zoey is getting ready to be a Kindergartner.  She is showing that nothing is impossible. 
The Riggs Family is nearing the end of their adoption journey.  They are thankful for the timing and pray for Patience as they prepare to leave their family in the United States for a bit to add on to their family unit. 

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