Monday, February 20, 2012

A few updates

Hello all.  I apologize for the gap in updates.  Things have been a little busy here lately.  

Jamie continues to do well at home.  They just had a round of stomach flu come through but everyone seems to be on the mend.

A request for prayers for Phoebe:  Please pray for Phoebe. The Dr. is not pleased with her sleeping and drowsiness. Her Creatinine level has gone up which could be related to kidney damage as a side effect of the toxicity of the chemo. They are also concerned she might be fighting off an infection. Her sodium jumped back up to 155 and they are increasing her fluids to rehydrate her. He said we will not be going home as we thought we might because they have to keep a close eye on her now.

Matt & Lorraine have arrived back in the Ukraine after an eventful trip.

Ashley has a strange polka dotted rash.

Brayden has an appointment coming up with the neurologist.

Ella and family are waiting to hear from the surgical board as to whether they believe surgery will benefit her.

Please keep Grayson's family in your prayers.

Pray for the Cretzman family.   Please pray for the Cretzman family. They are missionaries to Cuba. They were in a bad accident last night, and lost their 3 year old girl in the accident. 

Jared's seizures are increasing and they really need our prayers.

Jonah and family enjoyed his first trip to the circus!


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