Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Updates

Shelby left this message in the comments.  Please keep them in your prayers:
 I have a request of my own tonight. 3 years ago my daughter was fighting for her life due to a carnatine deficiency that we had no idea she had. Tomorrow we go back down to that same hospital that saved her life because we just found out our youngest daughter has it too. This journey has been hard, but I realize that it could have been a lot harder. We also have another daughter, the oldest that will soon be tested also. Just asking for a few prayers to help us thru the day tomorrow and what ever may come our way with this
Phoebe is having some ups and downs.  She did get to enjoy a real bath today, which was great for everyone!

Eli is doing well.  He's working on using his walker and learning more sign language.

Joshua's back issues are progressing.  He has decided that he does not want to have more surgery.  Please be in prayer for him, and his mom.

Jared's seizures seem to be getting longer.  He is also crying a lot, from what they assume is pain.  Keep them in your prayers.

Ashley continues to do well for now.  Pray that this continues!

More updates tomorrow.


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