Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Updates

I want to start off the blog tonight with an administrative note.  Please be aware that at no time will any type of negativity be tolerated.  Negative comments will be (and have been) deleted promptly.  Whatever feelings you have about a person or their situation, that is NOT the place to air it and it won't be entertained here at all.  This is for prayers and support ONLY.  And now to what we're really here to focus on:

Noah had an eventful week and is a hungry boy due to the steroids.  Unfortunately, he has to take all of his nutrition through TPN and his mom would really appreciate prayers in this area specifically.  More urgently, his g-tube is blocked.  They are waiting to hear from the nurse.

Jamie is adjusting to life at home.  They can use prayers in the area of finances, and they are in need of some help for Jamie on Thursdays.

Amy can use our prayers.  She is going through a very big life change.

Cici continues to work on communication.  Pray for her pain to lessen.

Matt & Lorraine have been delayed and cannot go back to the Ukraine for their boys until at least February 20.  Please keep them and their boys in your prayers as they wait to be reunited.

Jennifer is still in need of prayers as she and her family face their new circumstances.

I will be back tomorrow with some more updates.

Have a blessed night,

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  1. Hi, I'm not at all new to this blog, but this is my first time leaving a comment. I have a request of my own tonight. 3 years ago my daughter was fighting for her life due to a carnatine deficiency that we had no idea she had. Tomorrow we go back down to that same hospital that saved her life because we just found out our youngest daughter has it too. This journey has been hard, but I realize that it could have been a lot harder. We also have another daughter, the oldest that will soon be tested also. Just asking for a few prayers to help us thru the day tomorrow and what ever may come our way with this. Thank you!


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