Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday: Update on Angel families

Pray for the Tippings:
I had the procedure done on Monday, and actually the tube is still blocked, so we will have to do a further procedure before moving forward with trying again. This was a little frustrating, just because of being ready to move forward, but also I know it is a part of the process that we have to go through. Please pray for perseverence, I want to do that and not complain.

Definitely read an awesome story on Angel Baby Sage's blog! The post is titled Miracle or "Just a Coincidence"?

Jessica Kate and family have hit the road in their RV to promote pediatric cancer awareness. Keep them in your prayers!

I know Christy has already posted about two families that really need our prayers, but I'm going to mention them again.

The Ramers and the Jones family Please pray for these families, and if you feel led, leave them some words of encouragement.

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  1. i wanted to ask for prayers for Nevaeh's next apt. it will be this friday.SHe will be in the PACU doing spinal tap &bone marrow biopsy&chemo.My husband ususally goes with her for the tough app.but he is out of town doing God's work with some brothers from our church.So i have to take her,i dont do good at these things becuase i hate to see my daughter in pain or scared.its hard to stay strong.Please pray for the test results to be clear&for her to have peace and be scared free.


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