Thursday, September 17, 2009


UPDATE: Baby Sam has anywhere from one to three heart defects. He will have to have surgeries and be in the NICU after his birth. Let's cover them in prayer!!!
Please pray for Erica and Baby Sam! Checkup yesterday showed there might be something wrong with his heart, and they are having a fetal-echo-cardiogram today. Please pray!!!

Pray for Rosie; she has been feeling pretty sick.

Go to Brinley's blog for an awesome post about Childhood Cancer Awareness! (And pray for little Miss Brinley too!)

Pray for Eden's lungs to continue to improve.

Pray that Gaines's feeding issues will improve quickly.

Gavin is still pretty sick, keep praying for him!

Pray for Joshua and his momma as they are traveling and having some tests done today. For safety and good test results!

Praise God for good results on Kate's MRI!

Camryn is having her liver levels checked on Monday, pray for good counts!

Pray for Ava; she had surgery yesterday and is in a lot of pain. Pray for quick recovery!

Owen had G-tube surgery yesterday, pray for quick recovery for him as well!

Makenna's Caring Bridge website! Thanks for passing it on, Alyson!

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  1. Just wanted to tell you it was ok if you added me to your list. Thank you very much.


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