Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday: Update on Angel Families

Go read http://sweetgirlies.blogspot.com/. Brook's post is helpful on how parents of angel babies feel, and how important it is to not be afraid to ask how they are every now and then.

Prayers needed!!!!
Currently there are efforts to legalize abortion in Brazil, and they are using our babies (babies with anencephaly) to push for abortion. In order to help, Prenatal Partners for Life will be writing a letter, which will include testimonies from parents who have carried their babies to term. Please, if you are the parent of an anencephalic child, contact Mary at Prenatal Partners for Life to help. Her email address is mary@prenatalpartnersforlife.org.

Denise could use some words of encouragement and prayers today. She's having a rough time.

Pablo would be starting Kindergarten this week. Say a special prayer for his mommy and daddy this week.

At the end of September through February Jessica and her family will be heading out in their RV to promote pediatric cancer awareness. Go check their blog out and pray for them during the next few months.

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