Sunday, August 30, 2009


Little Alayna went to be with Jesus yesterday. Please pray for her momma and daddy!

Brayden returns to the hospital tomorrow for his second round of chemo. Here are some requests for him:

"This week we're praying for safe travels to LR, an uneventful week with his treatments that flush quickly and no mouth sores! We're praying for Brayden's heart and spirit continue to be protected from the harm of leukemia and a cancer diagnosis. We're praying schoolwork becomes easier for him and his frustrations will be minimal as he works through new challenges."

Continue to pray for Bruce as they make plans for his second transplant.

Eden will be having surgery tomorrow, please pray for her.

Prayers for Kate:

"Please continue to pray that she tolerates the chemo well, with minimal side effects and that her body recovers quickly from it. Another thing to be in prayer over is her next MRI. This is extremely important!! It will probably be in 2 1/2- 3 weeks. If the MRI shows that the tumor has grown at all, we will be taken off the study and need to find another mode of treatment. (We are praying and believing that this will not be the case)! We will continue on with the study, the current mode of treatment, if the treatments have kept it from growing, or if it has shrunk. We are praying that it will have drastically shrunk, and pulled away from the major blood vessels it has wrapped itself around. Or obviously, that the tumor would be completely gone already! So please begin praying for this as the time will come quickly! Thank you!"

Please pray for Reagan to have some relief from her constant tummy pains.

I received this request as an anonymous comment; please include this little girl in your prayers:

"Please pray for my daughter Annabelle. She had her tonsils and adenoids removed on Tuesday and went home the same day. We got readmitted into the hospital today because she is major dehydrated and has and infection! Please pray that we won't be here long and that she will soon begin to eat and drink! Thank you a lot!"

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