Friday, August 21, 2009


I apologize for the lack of updates this week....thanks for checking in on these little ones and for praying. I have an unspoken prayer request that was sent to me via email, so please add that to your prayers today. Thank you!!

Please pray for the Pifer's; this IUI cycle was unsuccessful for them. If you feel led, go love on them and leave them some encouragement.

Keep Jenny in your prayers; she has developed phlebitis in her leg and is in a bit of pain. Please also pray for peace and continued health for her and little Ezekiel as her due date approaches.

Pray for Bruce and his wife.....he just received news that he needs to have another bone marrow transplant.

Pray for Gaines, that he will continue to tolerate his feedings well.

Little Jace needs some prayers, he isn't feeling well.

Jack H. starts back to school this week, please pray for a smooth transition for him and for strength and endurance.

Prayers for kate: today she is having a 5 hour test done on her kidneys; please pray for good kidney function!

Also, go here to order a "Pray For Kate" bracelet!

Maddie will be having a lot of tests run next week to see if she can have brain surgery to help with her seizures. Pray for wisdom for the doctors, and endurance for Maddie through all of the testing!

Please pray for Noah, and his parents. A doctor visit this week brought some not good news; please PRAY and go love on them.

Prayers for Rebekah:

"Please continue to keep Rebekah in your prayers in the next few weeks. The feeding tube is definitely on the table as an option again, and we are willing to pursue that option if it will be best for Rebekah. Please pray for wisdom for all of the doctors involved, for Drew and I as we care for Rebekah, and for Rebekah. Pray specifically for Rebekah that her tummy issues will be resolved and she will be able to grow as she needs to."

Charity has an infection around her vesicostomy sight; please pray for quick healing, and comfort for Charity.

Veiyah will be having a heart cath procedure next week to determine if she can have a heart surgery, or transplant. Keep this little one in your prayers!

Little Ethan has a new blog! I have removed this button from the list:

Go here for the new one, which is on the prayer list.

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  1. Plese pray for baby Eden Olivia. She was born at 24 weeks, her twin sister did not survive. Her parents went to high school with my son and daughter-in-law. I'm sure they would appreciate prayers. Eden is doing well, all things considered.
    They are on caring bridge: name is


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